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YouTube Multi-Video upload continued

Ok, so my internet connection is really slow (thank you Comcast!) and the Jose Gonzalez DV NTSC anamorphic quicktime, weighing in at 771.6 mb, still hasn’t uploaded. So in the meantime I’ve updated the blog to include a new page with a copy of my resume for your entertainment. Also, I’ve updated the blog title to pro•active•ly.

Why the suffix? It’s an ode to my English major roots. Think of that extra -ly as a metaphor for the extra tidbits of info I might tack on to a rather mundane Compressor explanation, or the extra tangent that leads to a link to the Videospace widget.

Speaking of the Videospace widget, it made me realize that I could derive the precise amount of DV NTSC and HDV 1080i material that would fit in the 1024mb window for YouTube:



HDV 1080i


So boys and girls, it looks like we can upload longer videos using HDV quicktimes! Makes me feel a bit silly that I down-converted the Jose Gonzalez piece from a 1440×1080 ProRes 422 timeline to DV NTSC for upload to YouTube. Ends up I could have had Color render my media as HDV instead of ProRes 422 and then simply exported a self contained quicktime movie to upload directly to YouTube.

Of course, it remains to be seen which quicktime would result in a better YouTube compression. Or if uploading the HDV quicktime might result in the coveted Apple TV “HQ” tag for high quality movies. Sounds like a test is in order. And my first upload still isn’t done…


YouTube Multi-Video Upload tool for Mac

Just saw a post on the FCP-L that YouTube has made its Multi Video Upload tool available for mac users. Here’s the link for the installer. From YouTube’s website:

Multi-Video Upload requires the YouTube Uploader

Have a bunch of videos to upload at one time? We want to make this easier for you!

  • Upload multiple files at once
  • Small install required
  • Each uploaded video is limited to 10 min and 1 GB

The YouTube Uploader is a small piece of software which will allow you to upload multiple videos without having to use the standard upload form.

Glad YouTube finally made this available for us Apple folks. According to Digital Heaven’s Videospace widget 5 minutes of DV NTSC should come in right at the 1024mb file size limit:


No longer do you need to upload an intermediary compression for youtube to recompress and make your movie look like crap. Now, you can upload an anamorphic DV NTSC quicktime file and let youtube create its compression directly from source media. I’ll post results from uploading Jose Gonzalez later tonite…


If you’re experiencing upload problems, check out the troubleshooting post here.

And, if you’d like to learn the optimum compression settings for YouTube’s new widescreen format check out this post.

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