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Matrox MXO Arrives!

Drove to the UPS delivery center in Laurel to pick up my Matrox MXO.

This has been a purchase 4 months or so in the making. My setup of a MacBook Pro 17″ Santa Rosa, Dell 2407WFP LCD monitor, Matrox MXO, and Color makes for the most portable and versatile entry level color grading suites for broadcast that smart money can buy. IMHO.

Bought the Leopard family pack so I can install 10.5.2 on the laptop and dual 2.7 G5 tower to host the Matrox MXO 2.1.1 driver.

Trader Joe’s chicken burrito’s just came out of the oven, so fo those of you interested in reading more about what the Matrox MXO can do, check out the Creative Cow forum. I’ll work on the setup tonite and tomorrow and hopefully will have some pics and first impressions by the weekend.

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Steve Hullfish Color Tutorial

Steve Hullfish recently posted a link to his video tutorial for secondary corrections in Color on the FCP-L:

I wanted to give some “props” to the guy that taught me almost
everything I know about color correction.

Bob Sliga, my mentor, created a set of short tutorials on FinalTouch
that are still applicable to Color.

They’re available for free in the iTunes Store. Just do a search for
FinalTouch under Podcasts.

Also, though many people were able to view my podcast with no
trouble, there were many more who couldn’t see it, so I put it in two other places. One was on my .Mac site as a podcast, and the other – through the suggestion of Martin Baker – was on a video site I’d never heard of called Vimeo.


If I am veering to the “commercial,” I apologize and will desist.

Veer away, Mr. Hullfish. And please, veer often!


I just received his new book, The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction, and I’m psyched to have a tome that delves into the theory and technique of the colorist’s dark art with Color as the bell weather application. As an Apple Color Certified Trainer and working Editor / Colorist I’m sure this book will prove to be an invaluable resource.

Look forward to reviewing quotes from this book in upcoming posts. And check back for Color video tutorials by yours truly.

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