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1,000 View Barrier Broken

Just popped into ye olde youtube stats page and saw that Ryan Bingham Bread and Water is the first Private Artist Showcase video to break the thousand view barrier. Here it is again for your viewing pleasure:


Jon Salvia …………………………. Producer Camera

Chris Hartman ………………….. Sound Camera

Peter Salvia ………………………. Camera Cuts Color Compression

Salvatore Salvia ………………… Sage Advice

And in a cosmic kabbalah moment I noticed Ryan Bingham Hard Times is resting at 888 views.

I’ll interpret this numerology as a positive sign and keep my fingers crossed for a new job I’ve applied for.

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Bread and Water

Hard Times

08 | Liars: House Clouds | Embed Walkthru

Second attempt to embed video from This one comes with an embed code from pitchfork’s website.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Liars: Plaster Casts of Everything

Thanks Vodpod for the assist with getting the embed to work. Very cool widget now that I’ve figured out how it works.

Here’s an abbreviated walkthru for embedding a video on

1. Download and install the vodpod widget.

2. Customize your firefox toolbar to include the vodpod widget.

3. Navigate to in a seperate tab.

4. Click on the (Click if you’re having trouble) link in the vodpod widget.

5. Paste the embed code into the window.

6. Enter in some bloggery and then Publish!

7. Don’t get too frustrated that the embedded video won’t go full screen, coming to the realization that you have to also include the url to the embedded video on so people can actually see the video full screen. Really, just focus on not letting this irritate the hell out of you and make you start questioning the motives behind limited embedding. Maybe it’s not as magnanimous as it appears. I recommend breathing in through the nose and then kicking the person next to you in the shin.

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Dual Display Downer

So I’ve slowly been reassembling my home edit and color grading suite and yesterday I finally rebooted my dual 2.7 GHz Powermac G5 and connected my new Dell 2408WFP 24″ LCD Monitor. This monitor combines with my slightly older Dell 2407WFP 24″ LCD monitor for a (potentially) sweet setup. I really like the addition of HDMI inputs in the 2408 model. As far as I can tell, the Dell 2408WFP is the smallest and cheapest 1080p monitor on the market at the moment.

Already I can see the green left to right cast on the 2408 that had been reported on the FCP-L and with both displays side by side with Mac OS X Medium Grey for the background, the 2407 seems to have an even red cast and to be slightly dimmer than the 2408. Hopefully the some kind of Spyder calibration will be able to reasonably balance these two displays. A quick search shows me the Spyder 2 has been upgraded to the new Spyder 3 Elite that I might need to get my hands on. But I dunno, seen a couple of negative reviews on Amazon of the Spyder 3 and the Spyder 2 Pro is still a solid product. A successful color calibration will be crucial for using my Matrox MXO to monitor grades in Color.

Additionally, there are tiny green specs showing up on the 2408 which I think stem from limits on the ATI X800XT graphics card although I don’t no for sure if this is the case or if Dell shipped me a bad display. I’ve also experienced drastic horizontal banding on the 2408 while displaying 1920×1200 resolution. After having been powered on for 24 hours the horizontal banding has not re-occured…

If anyone out there stumbles on this and has experienced similar issues your input is much appreciated!

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