Replacement MXO Arrives…

As you may or not know from my previous posts, I ordered a Matrox MXO from B&H but it had hardware issues. While this was seriously frustrating at the time, Matrox customer support was incredibly efficient with troubleshooting the issue and expediting a replacement unit.

Received the replacement unit today but after a long day of ups and downs, I’ll plan to unbox and install tomorrow. While I had initial knee-jerk regrets from purchasing the Matrox MXO only to have the Matrox MXO 2 drop yesterday at NAB, I’m pretty sure I’m over it.

Rory found out from the Matrox Booth that the MXO 2 won’t ship until July. And I considered the additional 500 bucks. And, I can still capture PS3 in game footage via component. And, I can still output to my 55″ Sony SXRD if I really want to. I think. But I don’t really want to.

So <taking a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth> welcome home Replacement Matrox MXO! I promise to love you unconditionally, just like I did with your predecessor. Until he broke. The poor, helpless bastard.

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