Blu-Ray DVD Auth-or-ama

Yeah ok, the title for this post is a bit of a stretch. Authoring + o-rama = Auth-or-ama… yes?

Anywho, Philip Hinkle at EventDV.net has published a great article walking through DVD authoring workflows titled

Adventures in HD Authoring: From NLE to Blu-ray

Taking the perspective of an editor …looking to get into Blu-ray authoring without spending huge amounts on new applications, Hinkle provides some great definitions to help us get started. From his article:

  • BDAV—Blu-ray Discs that have chapter marks but no menus, and start playing automatically when loaded in a player
  • BDMV—Blu-ray Discs with full menu functionality
  • BD-R—Write-once Blu-ray Discs (analogous to DVD±R)
  • BD-RE—Rewritable Blu-ray Discs (analogous to DVD±RW)
  • Blu-ray compliant files—Files encoded for Blu-ray authoring that will not require additional transcoding when working with more ad-vanced authoring applications.
  • I can’t wait for a DVDSP update giving us the capability to produce Blu-Ray menus, etc. The format war may be over, but the post workflow battle has just begun.

    proactively • peter

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