Awesome RED One Workflow Article

Props to Dan Carew at Indie 2.0 for posting a thorough documentation of his RED One production work flow. Read the post here. Particularly interesting are his Redcine bugs and workarounds:

  • Occasionally, in Leopard at least, files rendered out from RedCine will have a single frozen frame in place of one (or more) of the video clips. You can avoid this by going to the deleting the folder “RedCine” in folder “Library” on your main computer name under Places (in my case “carewdan”). Do this each time you use RedCine (a slight hassle, but much better than finding out, after 3 hours of rendering, that your eagerly awaited rendered output is corrupted). Each time you open RedCine, a new clean “Library” folder will be created. Just make sure that any “looks” and files you save are not saved to that “Library” folder. It’s wise to write down in a notebook in detail all the default settings for your “Project” and “Output”, as you’ll need to re-set these manually each time (because they get wiped when you delete the Library folder). This sounds like a hassle, but it’s not. Only takes about 15 seconds (and the process of manually setting those defaults each time makes you a lot more confident and quick in RedCine.)
  • In Color, changing the “Highlight” setting does not seem to do anything. I.e., you change the value, but nothing seems to happen. To solve this, after changing the “Highlight” value, click on the word “Brightness” (or “Shadow” or “Contrast”). This makes the change you made to Highlight value take effect.

Dan as a lot more cool RED posts like

The Missing Red One (Build 15) Camera Menu Guide

Making Real Movies with Red

Red’s Ted Schilowitz on Scarlet, Epic and SDK

Aweome stuff Dan, please keep it coming. proctively • peter

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  1. 1 Sik
    May 25, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    This article is more benefit for me. Hope you post more benefit article in the future. ++

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