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Next Generation for Shake?

There’s an interesting (and, to any credible news source, baseless) thread picking up momentum on the fxshare shake listserv with the subject heading Next-gen shake.

Not that a lack of credibility or baselessness has ever stopped me from speculating, the least I can do is bring you a bit of listserv lurkage:

Ean Carr started off the thread with the seemingly harmless question Any news?

A follow up response from Greg Morgan invited more discussion:

Not that I know of. Apple is being their usual tight lipped selves. Which, in this market is going to hurt them I think. A lot of places, it seems, are moving away from Shake because of it.

Eddie Offermann offered up a well formed retort, noting

It’s vacant hearsay since Apple is using their usual secretive development strategy and draconian nondisclosure agreements. Last thing I heard was that they were slipping on their 2008 delivery schedule. Early 2009 now.
I agree that it’s a mistake to be tightlipped with clients that make buying decisions that will not only allow them to choose different software but possibly hardware that Apple’s new product might not run on at all. A tech demo of the new product would be nice, even if they did nothing but say “Look, shiny! Not available until 2009.”

And in typical listserv fashion, most discussion veered off in reference to that silly DirecTV percentages commercial. But not to be taken totally off track, Randy Little chimed in with kindling for the embers:

I hear its in beta but I hear that those that would really know would be murdered for saying. Really just hearsay. I haven’t seen it I haven’t heard directly. Just rumor mill bs that means ZERO.

If anyone out there believes in the saying All rumors are based in fact (or whatever it is) eat your heart out. Otherwise, check out Creative Cow’s Shake tutorials and realize how badass this app already is in its current generation.

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The rumor-mill smoked out Stu Maschwitz of ProLost fame. Stu writes:

I don’t often weigh in on these things but a year ago at NAB, Ron Brinkmann announced that he was leaving Apple and was working with The Foundry. This was in prime iPhone mania time and the rumors I found most credible, given Apple’s Leopard delays, were that many teams have been repurposed to iPhone duty and Ron had left because this reshuffling basically killed fancyNewShake. The main point is that with the prevailing rumors being along those lines, and with no indication from Apple to the contrary, combined with the 100% certainty that any future Shake-like product from Apple will be Mac OS-only, the industry is turning away. Slowly, but surely.

It’s nice over here in the Nuke pool.  It’s nice to have a modern, battle-hardened comping app and it’s nice to work with a communicative company.  It’s also nice to have an app that runs well on Mac, Windows, and Linux!

By my count, that’s Shake 0 Nuke 1.


NAB Hangover

Anyone else out there feeling the effects? Shout out to Philip Bloom for posting this picture-perfect NAB 2008 montage. ‘Deer Vegas’ tastes like a 7-11 fresh Vitamin Water Essential the morning after…

And for anyone who missed it on the NAB Show blog, here’s Philip talking about the upgrade to the Sony PMW-EX1 camera he shot ‘Deer Vegas’ with, the Sony PMW-EX3:

And then, here’s a link to Philip’s short ‘3 Days in April’ shot with the PMW-EX3. All in one place for your comparing and contrasting pleasure:

Mr. Bloom, you sir are a goldmine. Thank you.

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4am ichat

Thanks to Nina for producing this aweome iChat montage.

It’s fun, light, bouncy, goofy, great. And I think it really captures the new media nature of young people out there.

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HV20 in Indonesia

Special thanks to Thierry Philippon for producing and posting this great footage to Vimeo:

Footage like this makes me want to strap on my backpack with the MacBookPro, bus-powered G-Tech hard drive, HV20 and travel. Very well done sir, especially the dingleberry grooming sequence.

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NAB Show Blog: VIdeo Interview – Matrox MXO 2

Thanks to Richard Harrington over at RHED Pixel for producing this:

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Thanks VodPod!

Looks like it would fit in my Swiss Army backpack along with my 17″ MacBook Pro just nicely. Guess I’ll have to send in that RFP for the documentary on Amazonian Jungle Babes WIFV wants to produce, see if that battery power feature is all it’s cracked up to be.

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REDCODE and Log & Transfer Beta

Shout out to Oliver Peters on the FCP-L for the heads up:

In case no one has noticed. Red has posted a beta version
of their FCP Log & Transfer ingest module (FCP 6.0.3 required).

– Oliver

Here’s a few eye candy grabs:

Hey, what are you still doing here? Go download this stuff!

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RED 3K Video at Film School

Received an email notification from Vimeo:

Hello Peter Salvia,

Your clip, ‘RED DPX Files and 3K Format Q&A” has been added to Film School.

Film School is a Channel created by Tommy Rodriguez.
See it here:


I love you too, Vimeo! You can check out the channel here:

Film School

And here’s a repost of the video for easy get-your-learn-on:

Also, found this awesome RED 1 unboxing video. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

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