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Hole in 1!

In my twentieth year of golf, today I achieved something that no snowman or 4-putt can ever take away:

a hole-in-one!  From the championship tees!

After the Gary Williams Invitational field cleared the University of Maryland Golf Course, I teed up on number one around 3:30 est.

Following a missed up-and-down attempt bogey five on Hole 1, Brian and Mike, two Maryland students working at the course, joined me on Hole 2.

3-wood into the fairway and 5-iron onto the green ended with a 4-putt double-bogey 6 on Hole 2. Poop.

4-iron into the fairway and 56-degree Vokey wedge onto the green plus a 2-putt on the dreaded 3rd Hole green left me with the first par of the round.

Mike started talking about how fast the greens had been cut for the Publix tournament qualifier the week before. Apparently it’s a tournament that can lead to qualifying to play the Masters at Augusta. Not really sure what that is since I don’t see it on the website.

So I teed it up low and hit a six-iron towards the green on Hole 4.

Well struck and high, the ball flew straight at the pin, just to the left. Once the ball started to drop it did my signature tight cut right at the pin, maybe 2-3 yards wide. Bounce, bounce, roll, pause…

And the ball went in. Straight in.

I gave a controlled but heartfelt “YES!” And at some point I think I dropped my 6-iron because I looked around after and it was laying on the ground.

But Brian and Mike went totally crazy. “OMIGOSH I’ve never SEEN THAT before!!” I remember Mike saying. Brian said something similar and then “Well, I think I’ll just stop playing now.”

It was an amazing, amazing feeling and I’m still floating now, 8 hours later. Wow. Wow. Wow.

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MPEG Streamclip for the Ladies

Apparently my blog is looked down upon in some circles as geeky and nerderific. So this post is for all you ladies out there, hope you can handle the awesomeness of this post. But you probably can’t.

So, you want to make that sexy Quicktime for uploading to your lovely lady media library for Mr. Big? Peter Suave is here to help.

First up, go and download MPEG Streamclip. This guy is really good with his hands, you’re going to love him.

Next, turn him on and have him show you his video du jour. Maybe it will look something like this:

So now what? I don’t know, you say? Bollocks.

First, note that your video du jour is anamorphic (that’s nerd for sexy). Next, saunter over to File > Export to Quicktime.

Up pops this wardrobe of chic options. Accessorize to match:

Stunning, if I do say so myself. All that’s left is to walk those french-manicured fingers over to Make Movie. Give it a name and, after a little blood sweat and tears, you’ve made a quicktime ready to upload.

Was it good for you?

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Capture Apple ProRes 422 1920x1080i 29.97

Here’s a pictorial walkthru of the latest system config. First, the workhorse:

Here’s where you can find the Expansion Slot Utility:

Here’s how the Expansion Slot Utility needs to be configured for the Kona 3:

Mix all these ingredients into your cauldron, add a pinch of pretty please, and SHAZAM, running FCP 6.0.2 with Quicktime 7.3.1, I can now successfully digitize Apple ProRes422 1920x1080i 29.97 to internal 7200rpm SATA drives. And external FW800 drives. Don’t hate.

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Mark Spencer Motion Mania

Ok, if you haven’t already checked out Mark’s awesome website, why not check out this Vimeo embed of his new Motion 3 Ken Burns tutorial:

If you think this rocks, and you want to get your Motion 3 learn on for real, you have to check out Mark’s Motion 3 tutorial series from Ripple Training.

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AVID vs Final Cut Pro with Shane Ross

Shane Ross is one of the bloggers I look up to and, to some extent, model my blog after. Here’s Shane’s input in the eternally continuing Avid vs FCP saga.

He’s very balanced and I think the flame-off invocation of the muse is very encouraging.

Tool-agnostic is a digression I myself make in every Avid vs FCP discussion I have. Unless it’s with an old person who sucks.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Embed Vimeo Video

This bloggery is dedicated to LB and her new fantastic blog.

If you want to embed a Vimeo video in your blog, simply type:

‘bracket’ ‘vimeo’ ‘space’ ‘paste url’ ‘bracket’

And it looks like this:

Here’s the above video successfully embedded:

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