MPEG Streamclip for the Ladies

Apparently my blog is looked down upon in some circles as geeky and nerderific. So this post is for all you ladies out there, hope you can handle the awesomeness of this post. But you probably can’t.

So, you want to make that sexy Quicktime for uploading to your lovely lady media library for Mr. Big? Peter Suave is here to help.

First up, go and download MPEG Streamclip. This guy is really good with his hands, you’re going to love him.

Next, turn him on and have him show you his video du jour. Maybe it will look something like this:

So now what? I don’t know, you say? Bollocks.

First, note that your video du jour is anamorphic (that’s nerd for sexy). Next, saunter over to File > Export to Quicktime.

Up pops this wardrobe of chic options. Accessorize to match:

Stunning, if I do say so myself. All that’s left is to walk those french-manicured fingers over to Make Movie. Give it a name and, after a little blood sweat and tears, you’ve made a quicktime ready to upload.

Was it good for you?

proactively • pleased with himself • peter

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