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Hole in 1!

In my twentieth year of golf, today I achieved something that no snowman or 4-putt can ever take away:

a hole-in-one!  From the championship tees!

After the Gary Williams Invitational field cleared the University of Maryland Golf Course, I teed up on number one around 3:30 est.

Following a missed up-and-down attempt bogey five on Hole 1, Brian and Mike, two Maryland students working at the course, joined me on Hole 2.

3-wood into the fairway and 5-iron onto the green ended with a 4-putt double-bogey 6 on Hole 2. Poop.

4-iron into the fairway and 56-degree Vokey wedge onto the green plus a 2-putt on the dreaded 3rd Hole green left me with the first par of the round.

Mike started talking about how fast the greens had been cut for the Publix tournament qualifier the week before. Apparently it’s a tournament that can lead to qualifying to play the Masters at Augusta. Not really sure what that is since I don’t see it on the website.

So I teed it up low and hit a six-iron towards the green on Hole 4.

Well struck and high, the ball flew straight at the pin, just to the left. Once the ball started to drop it did my signature tight cut right at the pin, maybe 2-3 yards wide. Bounce, bounce, roll, pause…

And the ball went in. Straight in.

I gave a controlled but heartfelt “YES!” And at some point I think I dropped my 6-iron because I looked around after and it was laying on the ground.

But Brian and Mike went totally crazy. “OMIGOSH I’ve never SEEN THAT before!!” I remember Mike saying. Brian said something similar and then “Well, I think I’ll just stop playing now.”

It was an amazing, amazing feeling and I’m still floating now, 8 hours later. Wow. Wow. Wow.

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