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new salvia brothers vimeo channel

It’s official.

Jon and I have pooled our collective genetic talents (thanks mom and dad!) and started a channel of stuff made by us. Mostly live music productions but stand by for other things.

Here’s a free sample for all you feminists out there.

Special thanks to Alex Cortright for his soothing, masculine voice.

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Canon HV30 purchased!

pics of awesomeness

My good friend Joel (left, excited) and yours truly (right, really excited).

Joel hand-framing the awesome Panasonic VW-W4307H 0.7x wide angle converter.

Everything put together! Thanks to Katie & Rani for the photos.

Waiting on the Sennheiser MKE 400 Compact Video Camera Shotgun Microphone which should arrive next week. Bought everything at

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canon HV30 purchase – the research

I’m going to finally frickin’ pull the trigger and buy a Canon HV30. Soon.

But, there’s a lot of cool stuff that I want to get with it, like a wide angle lens, and finding a good review takes time. So, here’s a link dump of sites that helped me out and will help you out while researching accessories for your Canon HV30:

This is the mecca for all things related to the HV20 / 30 cameras. Sign up now. Right now.

Raynox Camera Adapters

Leaning towards the wide angle and macro adapters these guys make, covered extensively on

Raynox HD-7000pro

Raynox HD-7000pro

Raynox Super Macro

Raynox Super Macro


Great reviews of fisheye lenses for multiple consumer and prosumer cameras. The fisheye is the staple of skateboard videographers; these guys know their stuff.

Schneider Optics / Century Optics

Home of the industry standard fisheye lenses for skateboard videographers. And other solid gear, too.

R0DE VideoMic

The defacto awesome way to get sound that doesn’t suck. Follow the link and check out the video.

So there’s a whole lot I’m looking at here. Hopefully this research dump helps you with your own HV30 purchase.

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whartscape – thedeathset & the mae-shi

Popped the cherry last week and got Carey’s first on camera interview for 103 WRNR at Whartscape in Baltimore, MD. Hot, sweaty, smelly and loud, this was Whartscape’s third year in existence and was produced by Dan Deacon and the Wham City Art Collective during Baltimore’s annual Artscape festival.

It was quick and in the moment. Thanks to Johnny Sierra of TheDeathSet for talking to us during a hasty break down following their set. We may post some footage from their set but we just got camera audio. Maybe the footage will make it’s way into a short Whartscape doc… we’ll see. A good start and a promise of lots more to come from the Salvia Brothers.

Here’s footage of The Mae-Shi’s visceral Whartscape performance.

Trying to figure out a good portable field recorder to use for recording live concerts when we can’t plug our Marantz into the house board. Basically just turning the camera audio level all the way down (when I remember to). Please post if you’ve got a suggestion.

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ken stone matrox mxo setup guide

Here’s my blog plagiarism post of the week. From Little Frog in High Def:

Ken Stone wrote a VERY in depth article on the Matrox MXO over at He goes into how to set the device up when you pull it out of the box, and into all of the various settings in the MXO System preference.

You may have read one of my other posts about my initial difficulties with my MXO. Well fear not dear reader, because Ken’s walkthru is ridiculously awesome and thorough. It even has pictures of the install screen!

Skipping ahead to the end, Ken notes three essential ingredients to make your MXO work correctly:

1 – The sequence settings must match the clip settings.

2 – In the FCP View menu > Video Playback must match the sequence settings.

3 – In the FCP View menu > Audio Playback > MXO Audio

Where have you been all my life Ken Stone Matrox MXO Setup Guide? This should be required reading for anyone even remotely considering purchasing an MXO. And it should be on a dvd in the box. Or at least on a piece of glossy paper.

Ken Stone, you are a godsend. Thank you!

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lafcpug fcp faq wiki

Just stumbled upon the LAFCPUG FCP FAQ Wiki.

This is an amazing resource with links to legacy Quicktime installers and brain dumps of all kinds.

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Posting The Black Keys – Levels of Hell 1 thru 3

The Black Keys – Strange Times

We used three cameras for the production of The Black Keys Private Artist Showcase:

2 x Canon HV20 recording HDV 1080p24

1 x Canon HF10 recording AVCHD 1080p24

Ideally, we would have had 3 HV20’s for total parity. Alas, Mike the Mailman decided to purchase the Canon HF10 which records 1440×1080 24p in AVCHD to a solid state memory card. And here the troubles began.

My brother Jon searched far and wide for a method to convert the .m2ts HF10 media to a format that Final Cut Pro 6 could understand. The solution he found was Voltaic.

Voltaic has the ability to convert Canon HF10 footage to 1440×1080 29.97 AIC Quicktime. Fantastic.

Not so fantastic is that it takes forever and there is no progress bar. Prepare for the suck.

Suckier still, this means the footage Jon captured from the two HV20 tapes as 1080p24 HDV now needed to be converted to Advanced Intermediate Codec (AIC) 29.97 to match the HF10 format so we could create a multiclip to edit. Grrr.

And all of this takes time.

Yes, these Private Artist Showcases are a labor of love. But try capturing 2 hours of tape and 1 hour of AVCHD from the HF10. Then use Voltaic to convert the 1 hour of .m2ts HF10 footage to an editable Quicktime format over the course of 4 hours (or more according to Jon). And then, convert the two hours of HDV to AIC over the course of another 2 hours.

You are now close to 10 hours of capture / ingest time and you haven’t even started to edit yet. For 3 hours of footage. And this is all on a dual 2.6GHz MacPro tower using FW800 LaCie drives. Not a slow setup by any means.

Hand me a gun so I can shoot myself in the face.

Tune in next time when things start to go bad.

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Strange Times – Posting The Black Keys

You may know about The Black Keys.

And you may know about the Canon HF10 and HV20 cameras.

Throw them in a pot with a slathering of blood sweat and tears, a tablespoon of the right industry connections, and mix with 12 hours of your life that you will never, ever get back, then bring to a rendering boil.

Equipping backup underpants is highly recommended before viewing due to the high concentration of fiber-optic content.

Assuming you’ve had the chance to wipe, I’ll continue with outlining the hell(s) that was posting this footage:

1st Level of Hell

Capturing Footage

2nd Level of Hell

Converting HF10 footage using Voltaic

3rd Level of Hell

Conforming footage for multiclip

4th Level of Hell

Identifying the Corrupted Portion of the HF10 Quicktime that causes FCP to crash

5th Level of Hell

Discovering Color cannot read the HF10 Quicktime

6th Level of Hell

Finding out FCP cannot export the final Quicktime in any way. Period.

7th Level of Hell

Realizing you’ve spent 6 hours of your life just troubleshooting this entire workflow and you will never get those 6 hours back.

So there’s the initial outline of the post process, each step with its own personalized level of Hell all to itself. Check back soon for descriptions of each Level of Hell in excruciating, awful detail.

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