video tutorial – artbeats film effects with shane ross


In this free video tutorial, Avid & FCP Editor Shane Ross shows cool ways to apply Artbeats film effects to your video footage.  Click on the above pic or here to get to the video tutorial.  He shows both Avid and FCP approaches so skip ahead to the 12min or so mark for the FCP explanation.

Shane Ross’ Little Frog in High Def is one of the reasons I got in the blogging game.  I haven’t seen many video tutorials from Shane but I have to say he does an excellent job with this one.


Makes me feel very retro to see him whipping around in an Avid timeline.  I haven’t touched Avid in like 3 years but it was the NLE I first learned to edit with.


I really appreciate Shane’s explanation of FCP’s composite modes; multiply removes the white and leaves the black, screen removes the black and leaves the white.  Also, his explanation of why you would see white film grain versus black film grain goes that extra step that helps give your film look meaning, not just flavoring.


For someone who has only been exposed to film making exclusively in a digital world, knowing what a light leak is and why it would happen is soooooo cool.  Now I know to tend to put a light leak at the beginning of a clip, not just somewhere in the middle where I think it would look cool.  Or how to create a light leak transition.  Or an awesome example sequence of everything put to use.

And of course it’s extra cool to hear Shane’s expertise come into play when comparing the matte Avid will pull on a light leak versus the key FCP will pull.  Not that we need to know this, just that he kicks that much butt at the editing game he can drop some uber knowledge without giving it a second thought.


Thanks for this tutorial Mr. Ross, would love to see more!

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