sailing channel theater episode 1 online now


Awesomely quick turnaround by the folks at WLIW 21.  You can see the premier episode of Sailing Channel Theater 2 days ahead of the broadcast premier by clicking on the link above or right here.  I’ll be getting back on topic with some traditional pro • active • ly insightful tutorials in a bit, but right now basking in the contentment of bringing my first independently produced series to broadcast and beyond.  Love the forward thinkery of WLIW 21 putting the full show up online for everyone to see!  Would love to hear any and all feedback on this show so if you watch it drop me a line.  At the very least, be sure to catch the hand drawn 12 second opening animation by up and comer Katie Better.  Starts at 35 second mark…

Soundtrack Pro was particularly helpful in fulfilling the audio prerequisites for the PBS Red Book, might have a video tutorial coming up here whenever I slow down.  The thing about producing and mastering two 30min shows for air each week is that as soon as you lay two off to digibeta, you gotta get to work on the next two.  And then try and to remember if you ate lunch!

proactively • proud as heck • peter

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