5dmarkii naked running & gunning

And by naked I mean shooting with absolutely no accessories and natural lighting.  No shoulder mount.  No external monitor.  No boom mic.  Just the camera, two L series lenses, and all the light that our apartment provided.

And my takeaway is that shooting naked with the 5d is no small undertaking.  At f/2.8 my focus was difficult.  Not impossible, difficult.  I really wish the LCD would flip out so I could look at it while holding the camera lower or higher than my face.  Since focus is so critical a lot of times I was guessing, saying to myself well, I hope that’s in focus because in this low light it’s kind of hard to tell what I’m seeing on the LCD.

Positively, I am BLOWN AWAY at the low light performance of this camera.  I found my sweet spot to be ISO 1250.  Barely any noise that I could tell.  And if my memory serves I shot all of this with the standard picture style settings.  Philip Bloom was nice enough to share his Picture Style setup with me:

Philip Bloom's 5dmarkii Picture Style

Hand holding with the 24-70 was the most difficult.  A very heavy lens.  My approach was a firm right hand grip around the camera with my left hand supporting the lens and pulling focus as needed, but the weight of the 24-70 made it difficult to keep a steady picture while zooming and pulling focus.  The 16-35 was much lighter and better balanced.  I’d dial in f-stop manually with my right thumb when panning from people to the fish tank interior.  None of those shots in the above video, so I’ll show some examples of how that looks after I’ve put together kirquariums episode 1.  Hopefully over the weekend.  We’ll see.

On a side note, I think I ran into Wes (featured in the above video) outside my place of work the other day.  He had the SmallHD DP1x hooked up to his 7D via HDMI on Cinevate rails and it looked awesome!

Even more impressive was the Sunhood.  In glaring, oppressively hot and bright DC weather the screen was perfectly visible.  Awesome!  Hey B&H, would you be able to start selling these?  Would love to be able to finance it 🙂

proactively • dslr filmmaking is putting me in the poor house • peter

Disclosure, to comply with the FTC’s new rules

None of the manufacturers listed above are paying Peter Salvia to write this article and, so far, none have sent him any samples or demonstration items.  Peter is a B&H Sales Affiliate and receives a commission from items linked to B&H and purchased through this site.  Oh yeah, and he’s an Apple Certified Trainer so you can derive his bias for yourself.

4 Responses to “5dmarkii naked running & gunning”

  1. June 1, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    I shot my first two music videos naked since we had no budget for lights. Both were run-n-gun efforts.


    Shot this having zero experience with HD video. Was tons of fun and has got me lots of positive attention. Soon after I released Gravity I was asked by a group of directors and producers in Phoenix to talk about how I made it. They were quite surprised when I told them I used a tripod, camera and two lenses for the shoot.

    Burnin Rubber

    My first video with Final Cut Pro. I switched to FCP after fighting with Premiere CS4. Even though CS5 works great with native h.264 I’m glad I made the switch. FCP is the industry standard and it’s quite easy to use. I’ll be certified in FCP and Color soon too.

    I got up to speed fast with making the transition to HD thanks to sites like this.

    Thanks Peter!

  2. 2 psalvia
    June 1, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    Giulio, you are too kind! These are awesome examples, thank you for posting. What were your lenses of choice?

  3. June 1, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    For Gravity I used a 45 TS and the 85mm for the closing shot of the artists on the rooftop. With Burnin Rubber I shot with the 28 1.8, 50 1.4 and 85 1.8. All Canon glass. I find that for me shooting what I can do well within budget works best. I know that might sound obvious but my first two attempts at HD video I’ve not released yet as the concepts were far more advanced then what my post capabilities were at the time. I’m slowly (and painfully) finishing them up. Although both unfinished projects are looking good and I’m learning a lot I found it best to follow the KISS rule – Keep It Simple Stupid! lol

    I think what’s happening in the film industry with HDSLR’s is similar to what happened with the photography industry when DSLR’s reached an attractive price point. Because the tools are more accessible now then ever before there’s a flood of people with little to no experience (like me with HD) getting into the industry either as a career or as a hobby and that scares the shit out of some people. I’m here to say to those in the HD world to fear not. That is fear not if your work is good and you’re not going after the low-end clients. The low end clients are the ones that only want a cheep price but the good clients, the clients that know what it really costs to make a film, commercial or whatever are not about to hire a camera and a heartbeat. The high end clients still want quality and know that it takes more then a camera and a heartbeat to make it happen.

    I think the still world and motion world should work together to make their art the best its ever been. Still guys like me can now license motion and motion professionals can now license stills. It’s a great time indeed and feels like a gold rush of sorts.

    Sorry that was way more then you asked but I hope it helps any one reading that might have fears about the changing industry.

  4. 4 psalvia
    June 1, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    That’s a great response Giulio, always invaluable for me to hear the still photog perspective of this emerging community. I think DSLR filmmaking is this great crossroads of photography and video production and it’s a pleasure to see the results, especially when well executed as in your case.
    I’m working with a 16-35 and a 75-300 for the most part, relying on the zooms that I’ve been more comfortable with since my background is in video. It’s great to see your composition with prime lenses and how your images cut together, especially in Gravity. Where I have leaned on snap zooms and quick pans in the past, the 5d mark ii is really making me focus on letting the composition of a shot speak for itself without stylistic movement.
    Sometimes keeping it simple can be the most difficult yet elegant solution.

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