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color grading (not in apple color)

Thanks to Patrick Inhofer’s TaoColorist listserv for the heads up on this article.  Before signing on for my current staff job, I was staking out the color grading needs of the DC production community as a freelancer.  I had to pass on one job, a big series job with potentially lots of work, because I wasn’t familiar with color grading in Avid.  And passing on that gig still burns because when you’re freelance, and the economy sucks, you never ever ever want to leave money on the table, especially not a potentially long term, well-paying gig like color grading a 24-part series.  But I digress.

Luckily, Julie Antepli of Splice and Dice fame has written a wonderful workflow article for describing her approach to grading with Avid’s color correction toolset.  You can view her IMDB profile here which includes work on national broadcast shows as colorist / online editor for episodes of Criss Angels Mindfreak, Coolio’s Rules, and Black. White. She’s also got an arm’s length of editing credits to her name so you know Julie knows her stuff.  And man, I wish she’d been in the second grading suite down the hall so I could’ve picked her brain a few times, because after reading her article the differences between grading in Avid and grading in Apple Color are merely button-based; the concepts are all the same, it’s just a matter of which buttons you push to yield similar results.

Some of Julie’s wisdom-filled nuggets include gems like:

and like:

The whole article is worth a read so head over there and get the full rundown.  I’m keeping it linked here on my blog for the next time an Avid shop wants me to grade on their Nitris DX.

proactively • thanks for the great write-up Julie • peter

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