vincent laforet reviews red epic

I covered Vincent Laforet’s Reverie so passionately that it’s nice to see him reviewing a camera I am even MORE passionate about than the Canon 5D Mark II – RED’s Epic.

Good to read a review of the Epic from a still photographer’s perspective, Mr. Laforet sounds off on some ontological questions of still capturing that the Epic inspires him to ask.

Initially discovered this review from this reduser forum thread, you can jump straight to the read here or by clicking on the above pic.

Now I’d love to hear his take on HDRx and it’s impact in the stills world…

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2 Responses to “vincent laforet reviews red epic”

  1. 1 Thor Movie
    June 19, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Yes, but a Canon-based 9shooter system (with the Canon 5D Mark ii & HFS200) costs less than 1/10 cost of the RED EPIC and can be hand-held, as it is far lighter and smaller. The 9shooter also carries the advantages of redundancy and both dedicated stabilization for stills and dynamic stabilization for video, and one can use standard Canon lenses. In a showdown, the <$5,000 9shooter system would beat the $58,000+ EPIC RED hands down. And just you wait until the 9shooter with a Canon 5D Mark III & Mark IV!

    In a showdown, the 9shooter beats the EPIC RED hands down.

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