fcp -> avid for 995 thru sept

Boom. Native stereoscopic offline editing with a free 30 day trial while I let the emotions wear off and the projects come in. The good news is Avid editors are old, crotchety and experienced. The bad news is I think I’m going to become one of them very, very soon. Well, at least not an old and crotchety one.  From Avid’s Gary Greenfield:

For Avid, making great video and audio products to serve the needs of professionals – top editors, whether for film, theatrical, television, broadcasters, major film and music studios, or independent film producers is our lifeblood.

I believe Mr. Greenfield is directly referencing Mr. Brinkman’s suggestion to FCP editors based on his own experiences with Apple and it’s dead end development of Shake.

Early in my career when I produced SEMA: After Hours, at the advent of HD editing, I found myself wishing I was getting it cut on FCP because Discovery’s Avid Adrenaline was not ready for prime time HD finishing.  Now, as I look to produce and edit hybrid stereo 3D features and broadcast episodics (using both native and converted 3D footage), at the advent of stereo 3D editing, I look to Avid with an apparently proven and stable work flow while Final Cut formerly Pro goes the way of the dodo.

One thing’s for sure: glad I didn’t opt for law school.  Mastering short hand on a yellow legal pad would have become old hat a long time ago.  Up is down, left is right, and old steel appears young, flexible and attentive to the needs of the mob.

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