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first scarlet in the wild

Congrats to Tonaci Tran, reduser thread here.

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nov 3 announcement #3, red scarlet ex post facto

For live tweets, follow!/imjamieyu

Will post in person soon! Stay tuned….

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Thanks Jamie for putting the tweets of my rapid text messages from RED Studios out there.  Having placed my deposit on a Scarlet, with the assurance from Jim all RED Studio attendees are first in line, here is the official regurgitation of texts as they happened:

Just watched 1 RED reel

20Mbps RED Ray preview

Live reduser update coming now

Site is so slammed event can’t bring site up

Jannard is announcing live site is down

[Jannard] 3k is not enough for stills

[Jannard] Scarlet is grown up now

[Jannard] Scarlet is a 5K still 4k motion camera

[Jannard] Scarlet is epics little sister

[Jannard] less data rate than epic

[Jannard] scarlet gets repopulated boards from low yield epic boards

[Jannard] scarlet can do 5k 12fps | 5k 6fps HDRx | 4k 1 – 25 fps | 4k 12fps HDRx

[Jannard] new features in the works

[Jannard] 3k | 48fps | 2k 60fps | 1k 120fps

[Jannard] 50mbps from new canon, 50Mbps (440mbps) on scarlet

[Jannard] 9x canon bitrate

Jannard is frustrated at server issues, will post compression rates soon

[Jannard] config is brain, side ssd, canon new aluminum mount

[Jannard] ships dec 1 nov 2011

[Jannard] titanium pl mount ships nov 17 for 1500 bucks extra

[Jannard] everything is interchangeable

[Jannard] battleship gray color almost black

[Jannard] no ribs because she is a girl, she is smooth

[Jannard] all epic accessories work on scarlet

[Jannard] compression is 3:1 1k | 4:1 2k | (more deets i missed here)

[Jannard] scarlet (bare bones) is 9700 bucks

the reel we saw from lightiron digital was scarlet 5k 12fps, lots of aerials, looked very nice

[Jannard] scarlet will be dragon sensor upgradeable

[Jannard] scarlet was quad hd camera for 14000 bucks 4 days ago

[Jannard] red one days are numbered but footage sits equal next to epic and scarlet

[Jannard] if you own a red one keep it

[Jannard] scarlet weight is exactly the same as epic

[Jannard] all same connections as epic

[Jannard] same 3d functionality

[Jannard] red will never make a canon mount lens

[Jannard] our job is to think about dragon sensor, your job is to shoot and make money to save for dragon sensor

[Jannard] only difference between epic and scarlet is data rate

[Jannard] in camera playback enabled when scarlet ships, available for epic before scarlet ships

amazing watching jim field live questions from audience

[Jannard] still size is 5120×2700

[Jannard] we are undaunted despite our server issues

[Jannard] under 14k for what you will most likely config

[Jannard] no cf card option only ssd

[Jannard] people are calling in to bomb squad, servers are hammered

[Jannard] we get first in line to buy since we are here at the event

essentially from what i’m taking in, scarlet is a 4k b cam to the epic

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nov 3 announcement #2

Canon is rolling out something AMAZING.

Watch the live stream absolutely live by clicking the pic.

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nov 3 announcement #1

Yes, I will be attending the Scarlet Announcement at RED Studios in just a few hours.  In the meantime, begin your November 3rd with a nice announcement from the other NLE vendor vying for FCP 7  based facilities and users:

Click the pic for a link to the website for more deets.  First person to point out a FCP 7 –> MC 6 project transition workflow receives my undying gratitude and blog love.

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