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AJA Kona 3 Setup

Here’s the breakdown of the Kona 3 setup and FCP config that is working consistently for me at the moment:

Mac OS X.4.11

QT 7.3.1

AJA Kona 3 5.1 drivers

FCP 6.0.2

AJA Control Panel Setup:

FCP System Settings:

This combination is per AJA Support’s recommendation and has performed flawlessly since I implemented it four weeks ago. Resolved assemble edit and insert edit issues when laying back to Sony MSW-M2000 MPEG IMX VTR.

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NAB Show Blog: VIdeo Interview – Matrox MXO 2

Thanks to Richard Harrington over at RHED Pixel for producing this:

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Thanks VodPod!

Looks like it would fit in my Swiss Army backpack along with my 17″ MacBook Pro just nicely. Guess I’ll have to send in that RFP for the documentary on Amazonian Jungle Babes WIFV wants to produce, see if that battery power feature is all it’s cracked up to be.

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Replacement MXO Arrives…

As you may or not know from my previous posts, I ordered a Matrox MXO from B&H but it had hardware issues. While this was seriously frustrating at the time, Matrox customer support was incredibly efficient with troubleshooting the issue and expediting a replacement unit.

Received the replacement unit today but after a long day of ups and downs, I’ll plan to unbox and install tomorrow. While I had initial knee-jerk regrets from purchasing the Matrox MXO only to have the Matrox MXO 2 drop yesterday at NAB, I’m pretty sure I’m over it.

Rory found out from the Matrox Booth that the MXO 2 won’t ship until July. And I considered the additional 500 bucks. And, I can still capture PS3 in game footage via component. And, I can still output to my 55″ Sony SXRD if I really want to. I think. But I don’t really want to.

So <taking a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth> welcome home Replacement Matrox MXO! I promise to love you unconditionally, just like I did with your predecessor. Until he broke. The poor, helpless bastard.

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Matrox MXO 2 Droppage

I’ve already blogged about this at the NAB Show Blog, so follow the link for the details. Or listen to me bitch and moan that I just bought an MXO. I’ve already sent an email to Customer Service voicing my plight:

Ummm, guys…

If I knew the MXO 2 was going to drop I would have said I’d pay the extra money to upgrade. Hopefully you’re all in Vegas living it up at NAB and haven’t had the chance to ship my replacement yet.

Please let me know how we do this.

Best Regards,


Yeah, I hope there is an upgrade path. This thing looks so freakin’ awesome.

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Matrox MXO-K…

Gulio at Matrox offered great over the phone tech support. He immediately filled out an RMA to replace my faulty MXO. No redundant troubleshooting necessary, he said, I trust you went through the steps I outlined in my forum post and that’s good enough for me.

This is customer service the way it’s supposed to be. Better than it’s supposed to be, actually. I’ll update as soon as I receive the replacement MXO, sometime next week I suspect.

In related news, the OptShiftK team came over tonight doing a test calibration of my Dell 2407WFP with both the Spyder 2 Pro and Spyder 3 Pro. Look to the new brain trust blog for full calibration details (coming soon).


Matrox MXO-No! *UPDATE*

Had a great telephone convo with Gulio from Matrox. He offers up some troubleshooting advice for my issue:

Dear psalvia,

As per our phone conversation;

1 ) Using the Uninstaller Utility- Uninstall the MXO software which was previously installed.
2 ) Shut down computer.
3 ) Unplug MXO’s AC Power and USB cable.
4 ) Power On computer.
5 ) Run Apple’s updater, Leopard Graphic Update and update Quicktime to version 7.4.5.
6 ) Shut down computer.
7 ) Power On computer.
8 ) After system has booted; power up and plug in MXO’s USB cable.
9 ) Download and install MXO 2.1.2 Drivers
10 ) When Updater asks to ‘Force Firmware Upgrade’, please proceed with it.
11 ) If it installs correctly- verify by going into MXO Control Panel and investigate MXO readings.

If you are still experiencing difficulties with your MXO, please feel free to contact us here at [number removed].

Keep me posted…

Kindest Regards,

Thanks again for the tech support Gulio. My fingers are crossed that this works when I get home. But first, taking the G5 into the emergency room…


Matrox MXO-No!

Just posted this rundown to the MXO user forum and the Creative Cow forum:

MXO not recognized

System Specs:

Macbook Pro 17″ HQ
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Mac OS 10.5.2

Two weeks ago I had successfully installed my Matrox MXO with the 2.1.1 drivers that shipped with the product. Plugged in today for the first time in two weeks and the MXO is not recognized. I believe all connections are correct, sending DVI out to a Dell 2408WFP.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers that shipped with the product to no avail. I’ve tried installing and reinstalling the 2.1.2 drivers downloaded from your website with no luck. The install continues to get stuck when detecting the MXO.

I did update the firmware of the MXO when installing the 2.1.1 drivers. The MXO has the potential to be an essential addition to my hardware setup. Please help I just want this to work!

I guess when it rains it pours with computer issues. It’s really weird to me that the hardware isn’t recognized at all. I’ll update with fixes as I find them.

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