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HV20 in Indonesia

Special thanks to Thierry Philippon for producing and posting this great footage to Vimeo:

Footage like this makes me want to strap on my backpack with the MacBookPro, bus-powered G-Tech hard drive, HV20 and travel. Very well done sir, especially the dingleberry grooming sequence.

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RED 3K Video at Film School

Received an email notification from Vimeo:

Hello Peter Salvia,

Your clip, ‘RED DPX Files and 3K Format Q&A” has been added to Film School.

Film School is a Channel created by Tommy Rodriguez.
See it here:


I love you too, Vimeo! You can check out the channel here:

Film School

And here’s a repost of the video for easy get-your-learn-on:

Also, found this awesome RED 1 unboxing video. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

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RED Video on Shoot for the Edit

Just got an email confirming the RED FCP Workflow video have been put in the Shoot for the Edit lineup:

Hello Peter Salvia,

Your clip, ‘video ‘RED FCP Workflow” has been added to Shoot for the Edit.

Shoot for the Edit is a Channel created by Charlie McCarthy.
See it here:


I love you too, Vimeo! Thanks to Charlie McCarthy for picking this up.

Tangentally, check out this well produced Brevis35 instructional video on the channel:

Hopefully Rory will be interviewing Dennis Wood from Cinevate sometime today at NAB. Once he does, I’ll be sure to post it here so you can get the inside scoop.

And in case you missed the links to the other two RED videos, check them out here and here.

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RED Camera Mythbusting


Here’s the end-of-day-one stats for the RED FCP Videos.

Thanks NAB’ers and Shoot-for-the-Edit’ers for your support!

Just posted by Terrence Curren to the FCP-L:

The unedited, or less edited versions of the red workflows captured at the
Editor’s lounge are now online.

And here’s a direct link to the video. Bloggging before watching, so I hope it’s good (I’m sure it is).

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Special thank you to Terence Curren and Alphadogs for providing this footage. I’ve edited them into digestable segments for your viewing pleasure:


Vimeo Is Awesome Reason #2

Status Bars!

You’ve finished uploading your 250mb 1280x720p H.264 compression. Now you know how long it will take before Vimeo’s done everything on their end.

Vimeo, you are the best.

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Vimeo is Awesome Reason #1

Privacy Settings!

This feature allows users to upload videos for approval, review, etc. Having a private screening room is essential for any kind of proprietary client approval process.

Privacy Customization!

Not only can you make your video private, you can choose just how private you want it to be. Maybe you want the ability to post a video for review and download, or just review. Maybe you want to just your friends to see it and not that sneaky HR rep. And even better, add a password.

I love you Vimeo. More reasons to come.

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Steve Hullfish Color Tutorial

Steve Hullfish recently posted a link to his video tutorial for secondary corrections in Color on the FCP-L:

I wanted to give some “props” to the guy that taught me almost
everything I know about color correction.

Bob Sliga, my mentor, created a set of short tutorials on FinalTouch
that are still applicable to Color.

They’re available for free in the iTunes Store. Just do a search for
FinalTouch under Podcasts.

Also, though many people were able to view my podcast with no
trouble, there were many more who couldn’t see it, so I put it in two other places. One was on my .Mac site as a podcast, and the other – through the suggestion of Martin Baker – was on a video site I’d never heard of called Vimeo.


If I am veering to the “commercial,” I apologize and will desist.

Veer away, Mr. Hullfish. And please, veer often!


I just received his new book, The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction, and I’m psyched to have a tome that delves into the theory and technique of the colorist’s dark art with Color as the bell weather application. As an Apple Color Certified Trainer and working Editor / Colorist I’m sure this book will prove to be an invaluable resource.

Look forward to reviewing quotes from this book in upcoming posts. And check back for Color video tutorials by yours truly.

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Jose Gonzalez

We (Jon & Tory) shot this at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, DC this past Tuesday. From the footage this looks like an awesome venue. Tory shot with his new HV20, Jon with his HV20, and Alex guarded the PD150 locked down wide.

Post-production workflow:

• digitize dueling Canon HV20 footage with Sony HVR-M10U VTR. FCP easy setup is HDV-Apple ProRes422 1080p24.

• digitize Sony PD150 footage with Sony HVR-M10U VTR. Export clip using Compressor and upconvert to Apple ProRes 1440x1080i.

• hand sync three cameras to sweetened Marantz audio record.

• create multiclips based on in points.

• edit

• media manage song sequence.

• send sequence to Color for grading, send back to FCP.

• export Color’s graded FCP sequence using Compressor with custom H.264 setting based on Vimeo’s specs.

• upload to Vimeo.

Following the show Alex interviewed Jose for 103WRNR. I’ll cut that this weekend along with a few more songs from the performance. You can watch the show in glorious full screen HD here or press play to see the not nearly as impressive embedded SD version below.

Check back soon for more.


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Tory Salvia …………….. Camera & Sage Advice

Peter Salvia ……………. Cuts Color Compression

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