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canon 7d is the new hv20

Just saw this new music video posted on Vimeo, shot with the Canon 7D.  Took me back to another time when the Salvia Bros. and Mike the Mailman shot this video of The Black Keys with 2 Canon HV20’s and a Canon HF10:

And if you’ve been a looong time reader of this blog, you’ll remember the multiple levels of hell it was to post this video due to early adoption of Canon’s new (at the time) tapeless camera.  Over time the DSLR revolution overtook the popularity of the HV20 + 35mm adapter movement, for good reason.  And that’s not to say there aren’t new levels of post production hell to be traversed working with h.264 footage from the 7D, 5D, etc.  But is that really an excuse considering the price and results?

If I were starting all over today, was heading to film school full time, what have you, my ideal toolset would be a 17″ MacBook Pro with FCS3 & Adobe CS5 Production Premium, a Canon 7D with the kit lens, and a Lacie Rugged drive.  Not to mention the bank account to pay for it all, plus a smattering of lenses, shoulder mounts, monitors, plug-ins, etc.

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