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blog bomb – red scarlet & red epic


Good lord… just follow this link. Pictures galore and everything spelled out in red, err black & white.

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Can’t think of a better person to put this RED and Canon 5dmarkii technological whirlwind into perspective than the infamous Bob Zelin . On today’s FCP-L, he posts:
…most people on this list have been made aware of the Canon EOS D5 Mk II camera which is going
right after the Red Scarlet market. And believe me – there will be others – LOTS OF THEM, and they will all
be great, and they will all be cheap.

What I do realize is that a DIFFERENT TYPE OF WORKFLOW is about to happen. It’s already started to happen with Panasonic P2, Sony XDCam EX, Sony XDCam HD, and of course RED. And now Canon. And there will be more.

What this means is that the idea of “joe shmo” popping in a tape in his HDV or Beta camera and hitting the record button, and then popping his tape into “VTR-XYZ”, and digitizing – those days are ending.

The people in denial with their stupid Sony Beta VTR’s are the same people that could not deal with the death of CRT monitors, and said that CRT’s would always be made for the professional clients. Just like 1″, just like 3/4″.

The business is changing faster than ever, and believe me, if you are supposed to be an “expert” like me – well, it scares the crap out of me because all of this is a BIG CHANGE in a very short period of time, and it is sure tough for me to learn all this new stuff. I really don’t want to learn Premier, or the XENA product line, but I didnt’ want to learn FCP, and I didn’t want to learn AVID. But I had to, to stay in business, and support myself, and my family.

There will be plenty of those that say “aah – this Red crap, this Adobe stuff -it will never happen”. These people will become unemployed – just like the film editors – just like the linear video editors. HD just started – are there any “low end” film cameramen anymore, that do low to mid budget shoots with an Arri 16SR (I know that all hi end is still 35mm – at least for now).

bob Zelin

***UPDATE 2***

And in case you’re like me and wondering to yourself “What the hell does 28k even mean??!!” Stu Maschwitz over at ProLost put together this simple diagram to help us realize how small we really are:

Check out the rest of Stu’s epic RED coverage here.

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