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dynamic range research-o-rama

All this REDucation prep is refreshing my mind with concepts like color space, gamut, Look Up Table (LUT), etc.  And after watching the REDucation promo videos in the last post and learning about RED’s upcoming HDRx technology, I’ve been thinking about applying these concepts to the 5Dmarkii that I own while waiting to work with the RED cameras next week (and hopefully moving forward on a regular basis).  I’m seeing how it’s important to provide review LUTs for onset approval while rendering a flatter LUT for finishing can provide more latitude for the colorist.  And since I’m both shooter and colorist in my current role, I’m quite content to review footage with a flat LUT applied while shooting.

Here’s a video talking about creating and manipulating picture styles for the 5D and 7D (the picture style is essentially baking in a customizable LUT to your footage)

But why use one DSLR camera when you can use leverage a flat exposure range from two!?  Here’s some HDR video shot with two 5dmarkii’s using a beam splitter

1080p24 mpeg4 footage is OK and all though 4k 444 12bit linear REDCODE steps up the image latitude game to the next level.  Here’s an HDR video shot with two RED One’s

And another

And the rig E3D Creative used to pull all of this off

While flattening the applied gamma curve by adjusting the picture style increases the dynamic range of a single image, the process of compositing two or more images together to leverage the combined exposure range for maximum exposure detail is a work flow I would love to be a part of.  Stylistically I’m not a fan of the electric / surreal look traditionally seen in HDR images; I much prefer the look achieved in E3D Creative’s RED HDRx video.  Professionally, I love the ability to provide options to the client, director or what have you.  It will be interesting to find out more about the post pipeline for offline / online of HDRx RED footage.

Frame from first HDRx movie

Evan Luzi over at The Black and Blue has a good blog post about HDRx as well as a link to the thread which links to the first HDRx movie.  I’m also following the Epic HDR thread over at and there’s some cool information being disseminated.  Twenty pages deep you’ll find out the magic HDRx version bakes in the look and recording will max out at 5k 48fps.  Normal HDRx records two streams and processing is done in post.  Haven’t looked under the hood of The Foundry’s Storm beta too much though I’d imagine there should be some insight there as to how they plan to implement HDRx distribution and metadata tracking.  Funny that this all happened back on September 12th and I’m just catching up now.  Looking forward to the official catch up and meeting a slew of new folks next week.

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