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Two awesome videos have popped up in recent FCP-L posts talking about editing from an editor’s perspective.  Firstly, BBC World News America‘s Bill McKenna has been named ‘Editor of the Year” by the White House News Photographers Association.  Mr. McKenna was asked to edit a video to be shown at the event. It offers a rare glimpse into his world to reveal what inspires a top TV picture editor.

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Twicely, Joy Moeller (Creative Director/Editor, 19 Below) gives us the do’s and dont’s of edit suite etiquette.

And if that wasn’t entertaining enough, the stories FCP-L’ers shared kept the laughs (or tears) rolling:

I worked with a producer who always kept track of downtime. She considered anything as downtime, including the editor re-doing an edit. She considered only the finished edit was payable. She had a stopwatch and it was always going.  At the end of the day, she would total it up and ask that it be taken off the edit time for that day.  Remarkably, she had a very successful career as a producer that lasted for many years. It’s just as well I was a producer at the time and not an editor, as I would have cheerfully strangled her.

Bill Affleck / Wasteland Productions, Inc.

Back in the linear days, I had a client who sat with a stop watch and actually clicked it on and off for anything. Go to the bathroom, click, call someone to come to the bay, click, get a drink of water, click. Man that was irritating. I always rounded down for clients anyway, but not this guy.
Also in the linear days, I had the finger snapper one time and it was late and I was tired, I finally stood up, offered him my chair and said he get more accurate edits if he ran it himself. Actually cured him and he requested me from there on out.

Terrence Curren / Alphadogs

You can see more of Terry Curren alongside industry veteran editors Billy Weber, Glenn Morgan and Carol Streit on Studio Daily extemporaneously discussing war stories, battle tactics, and all the things they learned on the job that really have nothing to do with editing but are crucial to the job of an editor.

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Swung over to Shane Ross’ Little Frog In Hi Def blog and found this gem.  Falls under the “nothing to do with editing but crucial to the job” category.  Enjoy!

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