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canon hv30 – accessory shoe removal

Yes, the tethered accessory shoe is really annoying. Especially when you want to put accessories on your HV30 like this:

Me & Joel with Sennheiser MKE 400

Me & Joel with Sennheiser MKE 400

Solution found after a search over at Special thanks to Spider.JM for the post and pics!

Its done and I’m proud to announce we don’t need to worry about parts falling into the camera. When you do remove MAKE SURE YOU ONLY CUT ONE SIDE. Otherwise it will fall in… You just need to pull it out after you’ve cut one side.

accessory shoe top view

accessory shoe top view

accessory show reverse view

accessory show reverse view

no more tether!

no more tether!

Tool list:
-Needle Nose Pliers (not required)
-Either Sharp clean Scissors or Exacto Knife

Basically try to stretch it away from the camera so that you have both strands away from each other, then progress to snipping ONE strand. Then just pull the cover out with the last strand STILL intact! Once its out, sever that other side, and make it so theres about 2mm left on the cover so that it will still fit back into the camera.

Pics of my fully accessorized Canon HV30 incoming.

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canon HV30 purchase – the research

I’m going to finally frickin’ pull the trigger and buy a Canon HV30. Soon.

But, there’s a lot of cool stuff that I want to get with it, like a wide angle lens, and finding a good review takes time. So, here’s a link dump of sites that helped me out and will help you out while researching accessories for your Canon HV30:

This is the mecca for all things related to the HV20 / 30 cameras. Sign up now. Right now.

Raynox Camera Adapters

Leaning towards the wide angle and macro adapters these guys make, covered extensively on

Raynox HD-7000pro

Raynox HD-7000pro

Raynox Super Macro

Raynox Super Macro


Great reviews of fisheye lenses for multiple consumer and prosumer cameras. The fisheye is the staple of skateboard videographers; these guys know their stuff.

Schneider Optics / Century Optics

Home of the industry standard fisheye lenses for skateboard videographers. And other solid gear, too.

R0DE VideoMic

The defacto awesome way to get sound that doesn’t suck. Follow the link and check out the video.

So there’s a whole lot I’m looking at here. Hopefully this research dump helps you with your own HV30 purchase.

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