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apple color – graeme nattress plugins

So you’re moving up in the world and spending more time grading with Apple Color.  And you’ve finally warped you’re brain around nodes and noodles and Shake’s last GUI vestiges present in the current line of pro apps.  Man, wouldn’t it be nice to dial in some soft diffusion inside that user shape vignette!  Well friends and colleagues, look no further than Graeme Nattress Plugins for Color.

A quick survey of Graeme’s awesome website provides not just a listing of the plugin tools you will be purchasing but also a great paint by numbers approach to explaining the color fx node trees and how to make them work just right.

From Graeme’s site:

G Highlight Glow.cfx
G Highlight Glow.cfx shows how you can used the G Blend node. If a multi-input node, like G Blend has one of it’s inputs disconnected, it defaults to pulling in the normal un-affected video. Therefore, the G Blend, is blending between the blurred video and the normal video. In this case, we chose the screen blending mode, but try others for interesting effects. The Scale RGB node is used to increase the contrast of the blurred video.

It looks as if the G Blend node is worth it’s weight in gold by its lonesome.  And of course, it’s easy to place these pre-made node trees into your own personal pre-made color fx presets.  Also check out the awesome corrective power of G Smart Denoise featured as a rollover on the homepage.

For the price of dinner for two and a good bottle of wine you can up the ante in your color grading sessions to really impress the clients.  And yourself.

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