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vimeo contacts – random awesomeness

It’s funny what videos you stumble onto when someone adds you as a contact on Vimeo.

Found this after Nick Wilcox-Brown added me as his contact. Maybe he found me from one of my recent FCProse tutorials…

…and so I checked out Nick’s recent likes and found David Hubert’s London video. Great to see another amazing clip shot exclusively with a Digital SLR still camera. I think Chad Richard’s tutorial is going to keep coming in handy, especially the bit on how to create an image sequence using Quicktime.
I especially like how David created pans and zooms in post (After Effects being his weapon of choice). Looks very realistic, very smooth, and the DSLR obviously provides the resolution to pull this off. Good luck zooming and panning without compromising resolution using DVX-100 under-cranks.
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FCProse Episode 2 – Editing 5dmarkii footage

Whipped up a quick video toot for anyone who wants to edit the Reverie footage but is having a tough time working with the native 1080p h264 Quicktime files. I recommend clicking thru for the HD version to see the FCP interface text clearly.

Hopefully everything I’m saying there is making sense. Fast, good, and cheap; I picked fast and cheap.


Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation has posted their video analysis of 5dmkii source footage.  With the disclaimer that this analysis is based on footage produced by a beta model of the camera, they report:

It looks like the GOP-structure of the clips are one I-frame for each 15 P-frame. No B-frames.

Click thru for the full report and pics of bitrate histogram and footage properties! (In English)


And in case you haven’t seen the Reverie film because the Canon link is down, here’s the video on Vimeo until it’s taken down:

And here’s some more footage shot with the 5dmkii for your viewing pleasure:



With the wireless WFT-E4A backup disk attached:


Vimeo member Sebastian Stevens commented on this last video, stating

Watching the movie above seems to show the seem rolling shutter problem the nikon D90 has, but when you download the original video file, the video is very stable and shows no weird image skews.

I’m really looking forward to finding more original footage from this camera. In the right hands, this is going to be a killer video capture device. Now, what about audio recording… ?

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