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canon & bicycles – hv30 vs. 5dmarkii

And the theme for this comparison is… bicycles! Here’s a Vimeo SD embed of a video I shot & cut for the Travel Channel Academy with my Canon HV30 at 1440x1080p24

And here’s two YouTube high quality SD embeds of footage shot with a pre-production model of Canon’s new 5D Mark II Digital SLR at 1920x1080p30

Sure, the 5D is 3500 bucks off the shelf, and my entire HV30 kit with wide angle lens adapter, boom mic, camera bag, and a sweet lens cleaning pen topped out at 1200 bucks. But holy hell, look what an additional 2400 bucks can get you!

So what’s the point of even looking at the Canon XH-A1 or the Sony Z1U at a very similair 3,xxx dollar price point? None. Or maybe you’re required by DCI to jump through flaming hoops of razor wire to deliver tapeless footage (my sympathies). Or then maybe you like recording video AND sound. I’ve yet to see, err hear, any audio examples at all from the 5dmarkii.

Anybody out there know of any? And when the hell is my Apple TV going to start playing YouTube in HD???

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Travel Channel on Vimeo

Shameless, self-promotional pandering incoming…

We’ve recently launched the new Vimeo channel TravelChannelHD. Here you can find Travel Channel clips streamed in 720p high definition. While you can embed the SD stream on your blog…

…you need to visit Vimeo’s site for the HD stream. Hopefully sometime soon Vimeo will enable HD embeds. When that day comes I think Vimeo’s user base will expand exponentially.

In addition to posting 720p broadcast shows, we will also be showcasing shows produced by our pool of up and coming travel journalists.

Most of our Travel Journalists have graduated from the Travel Channel Academy. The Travel Channel Academy is an intensive four day film making course that, well, check this out:

So check in on TravelChannelHD from time to time as we’ll be showcasing new shows and new talent.

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Embed Vimeo Video

This bloggery is dedicated to LB and her new fantastic blog.

If you want to embed a Vimeo video in your blog, simply type:

‘bracket’ ‘vimeo’ ‘space’ ‘paste url’ ‘bracket’

And it looks like this:

Here’s the above video successfully embedded:

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