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getting my rear in gear

Good to go!

Prep for the move is well underway.  New rear shocks installed on the 4runner and it’s riding better than ever!

Noel at Chevy Chase Auto has been my mechanic for the last 3 years.  He’s from South Korea and a Toyota Certified Master Technician.  Being a Certified Apple Editor, Colorist and Compositor myself, his certifications sold me on trusting him.  If you’re in the DC area and looking for a good and fair mechanic I highly recommend Noel.  There’s a Starbucks across the street with WiFi where you can wait while he does the work, give him a call 301-654-8234.

Also want to give a shout out to my FXPHD people.  Gotten a lot of good advice on formatting my resume and what types of work samples to have available online.  A great community, the JAN 11 semester is just starting.  Check it out! List me as your referral (PeterSalvia) and I’ll get a free course.  Filmbot of FinalCutUser fame turned me on to FXPHD and it’s been the best film school I never went to.

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the foundry’s storm for red post


I’ve been furiously preparing to attend the upcoming REDucation course next week in LA, brushing up my RED knowledge and watching FXPHD courses ‘red102 comprehensive guide to red post workflow’ and ‘red206 red tales from production.’ As the universe pushes me deeper into 2k/4k work flows, color spaces, and 12bit lin 444 finishing workflows, along comes a Studio Daily email announcing The Foundry’s STORM, a new tool for RED/RAW post.  And it’s available as a public beta (until March 11, 2011)!

Apparently it was released back on November 1 so I’m a bit late to the party, but better late than not partying.  FXPHD even has a class available, stm101-introduction to storm,  taught by filmbot of Final Cut User fame.

Tangentally, a quick trip over to Final Cut User revealed this awesome two part interview and REDucation promo with Ted Schilowitz talking about the upcoming RED Epic:

I’ll hold off writing too much of a review here since I’m still diving into the deep end of the red post production pool.  When I come up for air I’ll formulate some thoughts with a bit of (hopefully work experience) perspective.  In the meantime, I can say I’m a huge fan of The Foundry’s ROLLINGSHUTTER which I’ve used extensively for finishing Canon 5D Mark II footage so I do have high hopes for this new app.

If you haven’t clicked through already, go take a read of Storm’s features and reviews, then download the public beta.

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davinci resolved…

…to make all us Color users wonder if the grass is greener on the other side.  If $995 for DaVinci Resolve software didn’t get your undivided attention from NAB press, then I’m clueless.

Thanks to Eric over at PrepShootPost for shooting this.  And here’s an interview with Grant Petty, CEO of BlackMagicDesign, talking about the new Resolve offering.

Now head straight over to FXPHD to download their 10 part DaVinci Resolve course.  Now, if my brother buys the 5D and I buy Resolve and a Tangent Wave

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