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first try bending time

I’ve been admiring the art of hd time lapse for a loooong time.  And I found out Canon’s 5d markii was available with video, I saw it as the perfect union of a high quality still camera for time lapse and a ridiculously sweet film camera with awesome depth of field.  2 and a half years later I finally have one to call my own.  The above is my first ever attempt to make a time lapse after admiring the great work of many others from afar.  Here’s a few that fueled my inspiration:

Chad Richards took the hd time lapse one step further by creating an hdr time lapse.  Check out this post to see how he does it.

I interviewed Michael Rissi about his time lapses a while back.  You can read the full interview here.

I recently ran into Michael again on the forums at  I can’t speak highly enough of this site and its members.  The best in the business, very friendly and the willing to share in their knowledge.  A rare mix indeed!

Finally, check out the Time Lapse in HD channel on Vimeo.  Always a great source of quality work.

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hd time lapse innovation

A friend of mine linked to this video in her Facebook status.  Wow.

It’s so awesome to see different ways time lapse photography is being integrated into HD video.  How cool is the internet, giving us access to great sites like Vimeo and YouTube that host this stuff.  For free.  In HD.

And I didn’t post this HD time lapse last time so, in the spirit of saving the best of the best for a follow up blog post, check this out.

Simply stunningly amazing.  Thank you Till Credner.

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vimeo – time lapse in hd

The convergence of high resolution DSLR still photography with 1080p HD video is upon us.


And I haven’t found a better example of of this convergence bearing fruit than the Time Lapse in HD Channel on Vimeo.  Combining High Dynamic Range photography with 1920×1080 resloution HD video at 60 frames per second provides a fresh, crystallized perspective of not just what in the world we are looking at, but how we are looking at it.

We are combining 35mm depth of field with (10 minutes a day over 13 days = 1min26sec)

and 3200 iso with a diffuse display of Zodiacal light in Namibia’s night sky

or morphing time into something that was just there a second ago

or figuring what the hell, let’s do 360 degrees already

and finally a broadcast network is catching on and putting the new on their air

So what does this mean?  I suggest the future isn’t now, the future was yesterday.  Now is when the rest of us are scrambling to figure out what we will upload tonight so tomorrow everyone else can see this world from a fresh, crystallized perspective.  Again.

Hey you, strobists out there, got any input to this HD time lapse business?

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