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blog interview – michael rissi’s swiss winter time lapse


While I was cutting and color grading hot bodies on beaches in bikinis for Travel Channel, Michael Rissi was freezing his ass off making this epic time lapse of winter in Switzerland.  Click on the above pic for a link to his website.

Michael was kind enough to answer a few questions for me, so here ya go:

ME: So Michael, your HD time lapse photography is stunning. What cameras are you shooting with to bring this imagery to life?

MICHAEL: I have a Canon 400D (Digital Rebel XTi) and since 2009 also a Canon 50D. I was a little afraid that after around 200k shutters, the 400D’s shutter might fail at any unfavorable time… As lenses I have the wide angle Sigma 10-20 and the Sigma 17-70.

What is your approach to framing and exposing your time lapse photos?

I like wide angles a lot, as I shoot mostly landscapes. But as in landscape photography, finding the right subject is not trivial, people (me as well) tend to try to fit to much onto their images. Wide angles, however, allow in the post production smooth pans and zooms.

What software applications are part of your toolkit to produce these HD time lapses?

I always shoot in raw (or sraw), with the result that I filled a 1TB disk in about 3-4 months… Usually, I use Adobe’s Camera Raw for the raw images, or directly photomatix when I create an HDR time lapse and then tone mapping with Photomatix. After camera raw/photomatix I rerun the images through Photoshop to correct the colors, remove dust spots if necessary, apply a tone curve or in case of winter time lapses, I also “whiten” the snow slightly. Then I save all images as jpgs and import them into Adobe Premiere Elements (the poor man’s solution).

The most important filter is the deflicker plugin (gbdeflicker). Flickering is a big issue in digital time lapses, especially for HDR processing. I save the movie as quicktime with H.264 1920x1080p. Apple somehow has another definition for the gamma value, so I correct this with Quick Time Pro (explained here)

How did you achieve such smooth zooms and pans? It looks like you do this in post from where I sit, am I correct?

The zooms and pans are done in post with Premiere Elements. That’s why I usually shoot with the wide angle.

As an accomplished HD time lapse producer, what other time lapse videos have inspired you?

I came to shooting time lapse movies from photography. I saw on YouTube the great tutorials and movies from milapse

…and knew that I want to do that too! Last spring, I found the time lapse forum This is a great forum with awesome people, who have impressive ideas and technical skills, it’s really astonishing! And for sure, I also like the movies from Reggio, mostly Koyaanisqatsi…

and Fricke’s Baraka

What’s the next time lapse you think you will produce?

In my “real” life, I write my phd thesis about gamma ray astronomy. This involves travels to the Canary Island La Palma, where our telescope is situated on top of the volcano (in a rather remote area on 2500 m). I already made last year time lapses from the moving telescope at night…

…but I have lots of ideas for improvements. We also built a second telescope, so I hope to be able to shoot them dancing in stereo. The whole island of La Palma is a great place for shooting time lapses, with very interesting cloud formations, so I hope I will collect lots of footage there!

Another ongoing project is the one from Zurich, where I shoot every day 10 minutes at around 7:45am the same view onto Zurich.

Thanks again for giving me the heads up on your new time lapse Michael, it’s breathtaking. Great choice of music and superior pacing and editing.

Thanks a lot Peter, great that you liked it!

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how to – shoot hd video with 5dmarkii

Ever find a kindred spirit through the power of Vimeo contact random awesomeness?

Thanks to Tristan Tom for posting a comment here.  Through Tristan’s blog I found a link to the above video produced by Tyler Ginter.


Tyler’s got a kick ass blog himself and is starting to get some good attention from the folks over at FreshDV.  Bonusly, my Dad got stationed at Fort Meade way back in the day, which lead to him meeting my Mom at some officer’s ball, which lead to me, which lead to this blog, which resulted in the moment you find yourself in right now.  Sort of.  Well, how ’bout that.

Anywho, Tyler’s stuff is definitely worth checking out.  And you can see the hd version of his tutorial right here.

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hd time lapse innovation

A friend of mine linked to this video in her Facebook status.  Wow.

It’s so awesome to see different ways time lapse photography is being integrated into HD video.  How cool is the internet, giving us access to great sites like Vimeo and YouTube that host this stuff.  For free.  In HD.

And I didn’t post this HD time lapse last time so, in the spirit of saving the best of the best for a follow up blog post, check this out.

Simply stunningly amazing.  Thank you Till Credner.

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fcprose episode 5 – manage hd media

The trick isn’t simply cutting, coloring, and compressing your film for independent internet distribution.  The real trick is keeping your post production pipeline managed so you can cut the sequel while simultaneously finishing an extended director’s cut of the first film in Edit 2 (be it your MacBook Pro on the coffee table or a DaVinci suite with bells on it).

Or maybe you want to collect all your media from thirteen diferent internal and external hard drives and place it in a new Shared Acces Network box.  Or move all of day one’s P2 media on drive 67 and day five’s XDCAMmedia on drive 32.  Or whatever else your entreprenurial, independently film made heart desires.  Media management is your ticket.

The principles I discuss in episode 5 can be applied to all types of HD and SD media formats including footage acquired by the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Nikon D90, Canon HV30, Panasonic HVX-200, Sony EX-1, RED ONE, etc.  I highly recommend clicking through for the HD version in case you want to see FCP’s UI properly.

Hope this to0t helps with managing all those Terrablocks, G-RAIDs, and bus powered LaCie hard drives out there.

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vimeo – time lapse in hd

The convergence of high resolution DSLR still photography with 1080p HD video is upon us.


And I haven’t found a better example of of this convergence bearing fruit than the Time Lapse in HD Channel on Vimeo.  Combining High Dynamic Range photography with 1920×1080 resloution HD video at 60 frames per second provides a fresh, crystallized perspective of not just what in the world we are looking at, but how we are looking at it.

We are combining 35mm depth of field with (10 minutes a day over 13 days = 1min26sec)

and 3200 iso with a diffuse display of Zodiacal light in Namibia’s night sky

or morphing time into something that was just there a second ago

or figuring what the hell, let’s do 360 degrees already

and finally a broadcast network is catching on and putting the new on their air

So what does this mean?  I suggest the future isn’t now, the future was yesterday.  Now is when the rest of us are scrambling to figure out what we will upload tonight so tomorrow everyone else can see this world from a fresh, crystallized perspective.  Again.

Hey you, strobists out there, got any input to this HD time lapse business?

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canon & bicycles – hv30 vs. 5dmarkii

And the theme for this comparison is… bicycles! Here’s a Vimeo SD embed of a video I shot & cut for the Travel Channel Academy with my Canon HV30 at 1440x1080p24

And here’s two YouTube high quality SD embeds of footage shot with a pre-production model of Canon’s new 5D Mark II Digital SLR at 1920x1080p30

Sure, the 5D is 3500 bucks off the shelf, and my entire HV30 kit with wide angle lens adapter, boom mic, camera bag, and a sweet lens cleaning pen topped out at 1200 bucks. But holy hell, look what an additional 2400 bucks can get you!

So what’s the point of even looking at the Canon XH-A1 or the Sony Z1U at a very similair 3,xxx dollar price point? None. Or maybe you’re required by DCI to jump through flaming hoops of razor wire to deliver tapeless footage (my sympathies). Or then maybe you like recording video AND sound. I’ve yet to see, err hear, any audio examples at all from the 5dmarkii.

Anybody out there know of any? And when the hell is my Apple TV going to start playing YouTube in HD???

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FCProse Episode 4 – cut color compress 5dmarkii footage

Here’s the all-in-one video tutorial showing you how to cut, color, and compress 1080p video captured with Canon’s upcoming 5D Mark II Digital SLR with three Final Cut Studio 2 applications: Final Cut Pro, Color, and Compressor. I recommend clicking thru for the hd version to better see the application interfaces.

In this episode I walk through the steps to edit your footage in Final Cut Pro, perform a broadcast safe grade in Color, and then make a web compression for upload to YouTube and Vimeo using Compressor.

I work directly with the source H.264 video Vincent Laforet made available for download (no H.264 -> Apple ProRes 422 transcode this time around). I also discuss some system specs and rant about High Dynamic Range video. A quick tag surf lead me to this post that has an example of HDR video captured by something called the HDRC® MDC04 CL camera system.

What’s High Dynamic Range (HDR), you ask? Check out yet another Chad Richard HDR timelapse (click thru for the full HD effect):

Mr. Richard has done a lot of heavy lifting to convert a series of HDR stills into 1080p video (and then compress for Vimeo, of course). Check out his tutorial for this process here.

We’re at the forefront of a paradigm shift where digital photography and high definition video are converging. Check out Romy Ocon‘s 5dmkii bird photography, err, video:

Right now is an exciting, exciting time.

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