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installing the fcs3 upgrade

FCS3 upgradedI thought I’d chart out the process for everyone out there planning to upgrade to FCS 3 but not ready to take the plunge.  As a general rule, I never recommend upgrading your FCP version during an ongoing project.  Wait until your project(s) is finished, delivered and (hopefully) paid for.  This way you don’t get caught under a crashing deadline while troubleshooting a new bug or workaround that nobody, at least nobody available on the phone at 530 on a Friday, knows the answer to.

5 install time remaining

Jumping straight to the most important part of the install, make sure you’ve got a half day – yes, a full half day – to install the upgrade.  Personally, I got caught up watching Murderball and forgot to check in to insert the next disc a few times.  What’s your excuse going to be?  Hopefully napping.

1 fcs3 install screen

Also extremely important to note: before you go and plunk down the 300 bucks for the upgrade make sure you’ve plunked down the 2500 bucks (or more) for your Intel Mac Pro.  Yes, as you can see in the picture, FCS3 REQUIRES AN INTEL MAC TO RUN.  Sorry legacy G5, I love ya but it’s time to delegate you to the digitizing ranks from here on out.  Not sure if you’ll be able to digitize the new ProRes codecs included in FCS3, that will require a little bit of experimentation.  I’m keeping FCS2 installed on my MacBook Pro right now, I’ll let you know what I find out in the coming days…

Apple ProRes Comparison

This fancy-dancy bar graph can be found in the Apple ProRes White Paper.  Click on the pic above to download or here.  Quite excited to see how the ProRes 422 (LT), which will hereby be referred to as ProRes light, and ProRes (Proxy) look after digitizing.  Is ye olde offline and online Avid workflow coming back into fashion?  Looks like Final Cut Server will become more and more significant as production facilities want to digitize ProRes (HQ) but send ProRes light or proxy to their edit suites.  Am I sure I even want to be considering this as a possibility?  I guess we’ll also see how well the media manager does at reconnecting ProRes LT to ProRes HQ in FCP 7…

2 fcs3 choosing apps to install

Also, there’s an Extras folder on the FCS3 Install disc that includes, well, here’s the screen grab:

FCS3 Extras

Looks like the only update to DVDSP is right here kids, enjoy!  OK, so back to the install process.  Here’s the standard install config (which I went with):

3 fcs3 custome install

And here’s how much space it will require:

4 standard install size

Good to keep in mind that 40.3 GB of required space for all your MacBook and MacBook Pro installs.  Just opt out of the Apple Loops and what not, you’ll be fine.  Hope this has been a help to those of you wondering what to expect, maybe it even piqued your interest into some new possible work flows leveraging the new ProRes formats.  Before I forget, make sure you also check out the brand new FCS Help Library.  It’s the replacement for the manuals that are no longer killing trees and boosting monitors 10 inches off your desk.

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