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panavision genesis fcp workflow

Jay Mahavier, assistant editor on such films as Sin City, Grindhouse, and Planet Terror posts to the FCP-L:

I’m guessing from what you have written that they are going to use the Panavision SSR bricks to record to and then use the Panavision Transfer Station to make the footage on the drive.

If this is true then a few things.

The files from the Transfer Station will be made with a Kona3 card.

So they could be ProRes or full res 1080/10bit/4:4:4/Log/RGB. But your FCP system should have Kona3 card to work with it.

And also, when doing the data dump from the brick have them make a SR tape at the same time. TC should match between the QT files and the tape.  And find out if they plan on giving you raw log footage or if they are going to be applying a lut during the dump. It would be best if you could get both, or this

SR tape – 444 Log RGB no LUT
QT – 444 Log RGB no LUT
QT – ProRes with LUT

That way you can use the ProRes stuff to do the cut and when you are ready to on-line you have clean raw files to work from. The tape is a back up.

There you have it, straight from a war horse’s mouth.  FotoKem has a nice Genesis workflow page also.  So, what does the footage from a Genesis look like?  Check out Writer / Director Richard Kelly’s The Box starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella.

Ain’tItCoolNews has a good interview with the director.  The story is based on a Richard Matheson short story called Button, Button.  Matheson is one of my favorite pulp authors so I’ll be sure to put this one in my Netflix Blu-Ray queue.  Thanks for the workflow advice Mr. Mahavier!

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