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monitoring 1080p30 from the 5dmarkii

Received an inquiry from a reader and after writing up my response realized this might make good bloggery.  His question was essentially How do I look at the stuff I’m shooting on my shiny new Canon 5D Mark II? (my own editorial tone added for consistency’s sake).  Bonusly, I’ve stepped up my blog game and embedded url’s in the pics so click through to get more info.

Monitoring 1080p is a considerable undertaking, especially if you want to do it right.  First things first, you’ll need to start with a

Apple Mac Pro

Apple Mac Pro

or a

Apple 17" Macbook Pro

Apple 17" Macbook Pro

or both.

Burning a Blu-Ray disc requires software like

Apple Compressor 3

Apple Compressor 3

and an external BluRay disc burner

LG LightScribe

LG LightScribe

Bonus link here to build your own Compressor BluRay setting.

Monitoring native 1080p30 out of Final Cut Pro is can be a bit tricky, essentially you’ll need a capture card like the Matrox MXO for instance

Matrox MXO

Matrox MXO

and a monitor of some kind, preferably with native 1080p resolution like the

Dell 2407 WFP

Dell 2407 WFP

or the

Apple 23-inch Cinema Display

Apple 23-inch Cinema Display

I’m using a setup similar to this at home.  At work we use an AJA Kona 3



monitoring on an HD  broadcast monitor via HD-SDI



Otherwise, you can simply view the footage in FCP’s canvas as it plays back in your time line and not worry about the expense of a setup like this until the finishing stage.  Then you could happily walk your project over to a facility with the professional setup and order from their lunch menu while a Colorist cracks jokes and crushes your blacks.

It’s the dollars vs doable decisions that really make this craft an art form IMHO.  Cranking out broadcast quality 1080p material on a 10k FCP setup (and it really is 10k if you’re paying for all the software) is not something you can do overnight. But, it can be done.

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ken stone matrox mxo setup guide

Here’s my blog plagiarism post of the week. From Little Frog in High Def:

Ken Stone wrote a VERY in depth article on the Matrox MXO over at He goes into how to set the device up when you pull it out of the box, and into all of the various settings in the MXO System preference.

You may have read one of my other posts about my initial difficulties with my MXO. Well fear not dear reader, because Ken’s walkthru is ridiculously awesome and thorough. It even has pictures of the install screen!

Skipping ahead to the end, Ken notes three essential ingredients to make your MXO work correctly:

1 – The sequence settings must match the clip settings.

2 – In the FCP View menu > Video Playback must match the sequence settings.

3 – In the FCP View menu > Audio Playback > MXO Audio

Where have you been all my life Ken Stone Matrox MXO Setup Guide? This should be required reading for anyone even remotely considering purchasing an MXO. And it should be on a dvd in the box. Or at least on a piece of glossy paper.

Ken Stone, you are a godsend. Thank you!

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Replacement MXO Arrives…

As you may or not know from my previous posts, I ordered a Matrox MXO from B&H but it had hardware issues. While this was seriously frustrating at the time, Matrox customer support was incredibly efficient with troubleshooting the issue and expediting a replacement unit.

Received the replacement unit today but after a long day of ups and downs, I’ll plan to unbox and install tomorrow. While I had initial knee-jerk regrets from purchasing the Matrox MXO only to have the Matrox MXO 2 drop yesterday at NAB, I’m pretty sure I’m over it.

Rory found out from the Matrox Booth that the MXO 2 won’t ship until July. And I considered the additional 500 bucks. And, I can still capture PS3 in game footage via component. And, I can still output to my 55″ Sony SXRD if I really want to. I think. But I don’t really want to.

So <taking a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth> welcome home Replacement Matrox MXO! I promise to love you unconditionally, just like I did with your predecessor. Until he broke. The poor, helpless bastard.

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Matrox MXO-K…

Gulio at Matrox offered great over the phone tech support. He immediately filled out an RMA to replace my faulty MXO. No redundant troubleshooting necessary, he said, I trust you went through the steps I outlined in my forum post and that’s good enough for me.

This is customer service the way it’s supposed to be. Better than it’s supposed to be, actually. I’ll update as soon as I receive the replacement MXO, sometime next week I suspect.

In related news, the OptShiftK team came over tonight doing a test calibration of my Dell 2407WFP with both the Spyder 2 Pro and Spyder 3 Pro. Look to the new brain trust blog for full calibration details (coming soon).


Matrox MXO-No! *UPDATE*

Had a great telephone convo with Gulio from Matrox. He offers up some troubleshooting advice for my issue:

Dear psalvia,

As per our phone conversation;

1 ) Using the Uninstaller Utility- Uninstall the MXO software which was previously installed.
2 ) Shut down computer.
3 ) Unplug MXO’s AC Power and USB cable.
4 ) Power On computer.
5 ) Run Apple’s updater, Leopard Graphic Update and update Quicktime to version 7.4.5.
6 ) Shut down computer.
7 ) Power On computer.
8 ) After system has booted; power up and plug in MXO’s USB cable.
9 ) Download and install MXO 2.1.2 Drivers
10 ) When Updater asks to ‘Force Firmware Upgrade’, please proceed with it.
11 ) If it installs correctly- verify by going into MXO Control Panel and investigate MXO readings.

If you are still experiencing difficulties with your MXO, please feel free to contact us here at [number removed].

Keep me posted…

Kindest Regards,

Thanks again for the tech support Gulio. My fingers are crossed that this works when I get home. But first, taking the G5 into the emergency room…


Matrox MXO-No!

Just posted this rundown to the MXO user forum and the Creative Cow forum:

MXO not recognized

System Specs:

Macbook Pro 17″ HQ
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Mac OS 10.5.2

Two weeks ago I had successfully installed my Matrox MXO with the 2.1.1 drivers that shipped with the product. Plugged in today for the first time in two weeks and the MXO is not recognized. I believe all connections are correct, sending DVI out to a Dell 2408WFP.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers that shipped with the product to no avail. I’ve tried installing and reinstalling the 2.1.2 drivers downloaded from your website with no luck. The install continues to get stuck when detecting the MXO.

I did update the firmware of the MXO when installing the 2.1.1 drivers. The MXO has the potential to be an essential addition to my hardware setup. Please help I just want this to work!

I guess when it rains it pours with computer issues. It’s really weird to me that the hardware isn’t recognized at all. I’ll update with fixes as I find them.

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G5 Gee-Whiz

So I tried to install Leopard this evening and my dual 2.7 GHz Powermac G5 won’t successfully restart with the install dvd in the tray.  Argh.  This is a repeat performance of restart issues I experienced a few months back.  Hopefully a return to the Apple Store in Bethesda will result in a new logic board or power supply or whatever hardware issue is causing this problem.

And I really wanted to get Leopard installed to 10.5.2 so I could then install the Matrox MXO 2.1.1 drivers so I could then install the software for the shiny new Spyder 3 Pro I just got a Micro Center
in Rockville.  I opted for the Spyder 3 Pro over the Spyder 3 Elite to save a hundred bucks.  Does anyone out there think the Elite is worth another 33% in price??

The G5 goes in for an appointment Wednesday eveining and I anticipate it will be down for at least a week while the parts are ordered and further tests are run.  I just want it to work.  Once it’s in the shop I’ll get the Spyder LUTs installed on the 17″ Macbook Pro feeding the new Dell 2408WFP over DVI or the Dell 2407WFP over VGA.

Hrmmm, the Matrox forums will be seeing me soon I imagine.

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Dual Display Downer

So I’ve slowly been reassembling my home edit and color grading suite and yesterday I finally rebooted my dual 2.7 GHz Powermac G5 and connected my new Dell 2408WFP 24″ LCD Monitor. This monitor combines with my slightly older Dell 2407WFP 24″ LCD monitor for a (potentially) sweet setup. I really like the addition of HDMI inputs in the 2408 model. As far as I can tell, the Dell 2408WFP is the smallest and cheapest 1080p monitor on the market at the moment.

Already I can see the green left to right cast on the 2408 that had been reported on the FCP-L and with both displays side by side with Mac OS X Medium Grey for the background, the 2407 seems to have an even red cast and to be slightly dimmer than the 2408. Hopefully the some kind of Spyder calibration will be able to reasonably balance these two displays. A quick search shows me the Spyder 2 has been upgraded to the new Spyder 3 Elite that I might need to get my hands on. But I dunno, seen a couple of negative reviews on Amazon of the Spyder 3 and the Spyder 2 Pro is still a solid product. A successful color calibration will be crucial for using my Matrox MXO to monitor grades in Color.

Additionally, there are tiny green specs showing up on the 2408 which I think stem from limits on the ATI X800XT graphics card although I don’t no for sure if this is the case or if Dell shipped me a bad display. I’ve also experienced drastic horizontal banding on the 2408 while displaying 1920×1200 resolution. After having been powered on for 24 hours the horizontal banding has not re-occured…

If anyone out there stumbles on this and has experienced similar issues your input is much appreciated!

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Matrox MXO Arrives!

Drove to the UPS delivery center in Laurel to pick up my Matrox MXO.

This has been a purchase 4 months or so in the making. My setup of a MacBook Pro 17″ Santa Rosa, Dell 2407WFP LCD monitor, Matrox MXO, and Color makes for the most portable and versatile entry level color grading suites for broadcast that smart money can buy. IMHO.

Bought the Leopard family pack so I can install 10.5.2 on the laptop and dual 2.7 G5 tower to host the Matrox MXO 2.1.1 driver.

Trader Joe’s chicken burrito’s just came out of the oven, so fo those of you interested in reading more about what the Matrox MXO can do, check out the Creative Cow forum. I’ll work on the setup tonite and tomorrow and hopefully will have some pics and first impressions by the weekend.

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