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apple color – work with R3D files natively?!

Just posted by Terrence Curren of Alphadogs fame to the FCP-L:

>From the Color list:

<< Hi there,

I was at the FCPUG Supermeet in Amsterdam and the first presentation was a
new Version of Color featuring R3D support. You can edit your footage in FCS
with the proxy
files created by the camera – send to Color and Color will access the R3D
files. First light will
be done in a new advanced tab in the primary in room!
I know that there are already screenshots about the new features floating
But this was a working version!
No infos about release date.



Simultaneously, Mike Curtis is reporting similar news over at pro video coalition:

Apple Color support – same way last year there was a demo of Redcode import into FCP, they are demonstrating native R3D support in Color. You can work with up to 2K resolution from 4K footage (only extracting the 2K layer from the wavelet). You can then work with that footage at 2K, 1080, 720, 480, whatever res you want that is below the 2K source extraction. But YES, you can bring your 4K Redcode RAW files into the future version of Apple’s Color and work with the full frame, but only at up to 2K deliverable. You can also access the source RAW metadata, just like on camera and in Red Alert/Redcine, to adjust Saturation, Exposure, Tint, Black Level, Exposure, RGB gains, etc. (No Brightness (gamma really) or Contrast (S-curve really), but you can do those with Color’s tools). Merely a technology demo, no ETA on ship date from Apple – so I’d GUESS in next major release, which could be what – NAB next year? Dunno, my guess, not based on hard data.

Red One Redcode RGB mode is still under development – read that two ways if you will – pessimistic – “darn, still not done/shipping!” or optimist – “GOOD – they are still working on it, it IS coming.”

If you’ve got links to screenshots please post, my hasty google searches have proved fruitless thus far…

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REDCODE and Log & Transfer Beta

Shout out to Oliver Peters on the FCP-L for the heads up:

In case no one has noticed. Red has posted a beta version
of their FCP Log & Transfer ingest module (FCP 6.0.3 required).

– Oliver

Here’s a few eye candy grabs:

Hey, what are you still doing here? Go download this stuff!

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RED 3K Video at Film School

Received an email notification from Vimeo:

Hello Peter Salvia,

Your clip, ‘RED DPX Files and 3K Format Q&A” has been added to Film School.

Film School is a Channel created by Tommy Rodriguez.
See it here:


I love you too, Vimeo! You can check out the channel here:

Film School

And here’s a repost of the video for easy get-your-learn-on:

Also, found this awesome RED 1 unboxing video. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

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RED Scarlet Pricing

Terence Curren posts to the FCP-L:

Imaging a 3K camera…
Okay, that’s 3K imaging…. oh yeah, and 3K is the price also!
That is with lens, but not a viewer or handles. My guess is it will be
closer to 5K as you would actually use it. Wonder what they are saying in Japan
right now…
They also mentioned native support for Red files in Color is on it’s way.
Terence Curren
Alpha Dogs, Inc.
Burbank, CA

Scarlet will be my next camera. That is a revolutionary price point. My brain is numb.

proactively • peter


RED Video on Shoot for the Edit

Just got an email confirming the RED FCP Workflow video have been put in the Shoot for the Edit lineup:

Hello Peter Salvia,

Your clip, ‘video ‘RED FCP Workflow” has been added to Shoot for the Edit.

Shoot for the Edit is a Channel created by Charlie McCarthy.
See it here:


I love you too, Vimeo! Thanks to Charlie McCarthy for picking this up.

Tangentally, check out this well produced Brevis35 instructional video on the channel:

Hopefully Rory will be interviewing Dennis Wood from Cinevate sometime today at NAB. Once he does, I’ll be sure to post it here so you can get the inside scoop.

And in case you missed the links to the other two RED videos, check them out here and here.

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RED Camera Mythbusting


Here’s the end-of-day-one stats for the RED FCP Videos.

Thanks NAB’ers and Shoot-for-the-Edit’ers for your support!

Just posted by Terrence Curren to the FCP-L:

The unedited, or less edited versions of the red workflows captured at the
Editor’s lounge are now online.

And here’s a direct link to the video. Bloggging before watching, so I hope it’s good (I’m sure it is).

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Special thank you to Terence Curren and Alphadogs for providing this footage. I’ve edited them into digestable segments for your viewing pleasure:


NAB Show Blog

I’ve been invited to contribute to the official NAB Show Blog. I’ll be posting info on cool events, gear and apps to check out at this year’s NAB show.

If there’s a something cool you’d like me to write about, post a comment here.


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