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re-blog: YouTube Nation 4K VP9ery

originally posted to YouTube Nation tumblr on Monday June 16th

Bigger. Better. Faster. Smoother. That’s really all you need to know.

And now that you have a blog soundtrack to set the tone, I’m going to spit some tech-babble on the mic:

4K. UltraHD. 3840×2160. VP9!!!!!

Here at YouTube Nation, these are all terms that can simultaneously elicit profound enthusiasm or a glazed donut glance of ‘what geekery are you ranting about now, Peter?’

And if I follow it up with ‘VP9 is the newest biggest deal ever!’ – power naps might spontaneously commence literally in the middle of our daily Production meeting.  So, with great personal effort, I will push most post nerdery to the end of this blog entry and get on with the simple.

obligatory resolution comparison chart

obligatory resolution comparison chart

Being the first daily 4K show on YouTube is awesome.  It’s like getting to say ‘first!’ in the comments of your favorite band’s new music video for all to see. Joking aside, it means we get to bring you better than broadcast quality YouTube content everyday.  And with VP9 encoding, you can stream four times better than broadcast HD straight to your laptop.  The picture really pops!

Creatively, it means we can invite you into our studio to hang out with us and all of our great YouTuber guests in amazing detail.  Grace in 4K.  Mystery Guitar Man in UltraHD. Strawburry17 in 2160p!  Get to know all the YouTubers you know and love like you’ve never seen them before 🙂

And it goes without saying it takes some super smart technology companies to make this happen.  YouTube’s platform enables bigger, better, faster and smoother playback of your favorite shows.  We use Red Scarlet cameras to capture the 4K picture, Adobe Creative Cloud to cut, composite and color grade the final show and Silverdraft Demon servers to encode our final 4K file for uploading to YouTube.

Alas, I’ve digressed; you knew I couldn’t contain my post nerdery forever 🙂  Anyone interested in diving deeper into the 4K production culture, check out the links below.

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What is 4K really?

If I wanted to shoot 4K…

So I shot all this 4K, how can I make stuff with it?

Jeez, this 4K is awesome!  What 4K videos can I watch on YouTube?

And many more to come every day…



vincent laforet reviews red epic

I covered Vincent Laforet’s Reverie so passionately that it’s nice to see him reviewing a camera I am even MORE passionate about than the Canon 5D Mark II – RED’s Epic.

Good to read a review of the Epic from a still photographer’s perspective, Mr. Laforet sounds off on some ontological questions of still capturing that the Epic inspires him to ask.

Initially discovered this review from this reduser forum thread, you can jump straight to the read here or by clicking on the above pic.

Now I’d love to hear his take on HDRx and it’s impact in the stills world…

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adobe native support for red epic

Hot off the presses, I wonder what Apple will be unveiling to rival this level of R3D support.

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red epic up close in person

yup, it's for real

Whipping up an in-class thread.  Click thru for up to the frickin minute info.

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researching OpenEXR pipelines for .R3D post

I want to start with an update and share with you that REDucation is, to say the least, a blast.  Being on the studio lot and learning from the experts is a dream experience.  Their insight into real world best production practices and on set etiquette is exactly what I was looking for when I signed up. My expectations have been surpassed exponentially, kudos to Createasphere to producing on a stellar training hands on opportunity.

The first two days have been focused on field production and camera setups.  We’ve had the opportunity to get hands on with RED One cameras with both the original M sensor and the recently updated MX sensor.  Tomorrow we delve further into post workflows so I’ve been doing a bit of research on the OpenEXR format developed by ILM for VFX artists.

Click the above pic to go to the OpenEXR website.  ssentially, OpenEXR format provides both full float 32bit and half float 16bit formats.  Since .R3D files are 12bit linear they fit nicely in the half-float OpenEXR wrapper.  The OpenEXR website sums this up nicely, stating “For linear images, this format provides 1024 (210) values per color component per f-stop, and 30 f-stops (25 – 2), with an additional 10 f-stops with reduced precision at the low end (denormals).”  Seems like that would nicely accommodate the 18 stops of latitude produced by the upcoming EPIC.  Graeme Nattress has a great explanation for converting .R3D files to OpenEXR using REDCINE-X (click the image for the full thread):

FYI Storm from The Foundry also supports exporting .R3D’s to both OpenEXR formats.  In the meantime, I’ll be combing through all the OpenEXR documentation.  Looks like it would fit into potential pipelines as a RED HDRx container to send to VFX houses which I’d postulate the VFX editor would conform along with the rest of a program for final color grade in a Nucoda Filmmaster or Autodesk Lustre, both of which can work with OpenEXR natively.  Lustre has a pretty sweet collection of getting started tutorials which my hotel connection s too slow for me to watch tonight.  Sigh.

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the foundry’s storm for red post


I’ve been furiously preparing to attend the upcoming REDucation course next week in LA, brushing up my RED knowledge and watching FXPHD courses ‘red102 comprehensive guide to red post workflow’ and ‘red206 red tales from production.’ As the universe pushes me deeper into 2k/4k work flows, color spaces, and 12bit lin 444 finishing workflows, along comes a Studio Daily email announcing The Foundry’s STORM, a new tool for RED/RAW post.  And it’s available as a public beta (until March 11, 2011)!

Apparently it was released back on November 1 so I’m a bit late to the party, but better late than not partying.  FXPHD even has a class available, stm101-introduction to storm,  taught by filmbot of Final Cut User fame.

Tangentally, a quick trip over to Final Cut User revealed this awesome two part interview and REDucation promo with Ted Schilowitz talking about the upcoming RED Epic:

I’ll hold off writing too much of a review here since I’m still diving into the deep end of the red post production pool.  When I come up for air I’ll formulate some thoughts with a bit of (hopefully work experience) perspective.  In the meantime, I can say I’m a huge fan of The Foundry’s ROLLINGSHUTTER which I’ve used extensively for finishing Canon 5D Mark II footage so I do have high hopes for this new app.

If you haven’t clicked through already, go take a read of Storm’s features and reviews, then download the public beta.

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