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re-blog: YouTube Nation 4K VP9ery

originally posted to YouTube Nation tumblr on Monday June 16th

Bigger. Better. Faster. Smoother. That’s really all you need to know.

And now that you have a blog soundtrack to set the tone, I’m going to spit some tech-babble on the mic:

4K. UltraHD. 3840×2160. VP9!!!!!

Here at YouTube Nation, these are all terms that can simultaneously elicit profound enthusiasm or a glazed donut glance of ‘what geekery are you ranting about now, Peter?’

And if I follow it up with ‘VP9 is the newest biggest deal ever!’ – power naps might spontaneously commence literally in the middle of our daily Production meeting.  So, with great personal effort, I will push most post nerdery to the end of this blog entry and get on with the simple.

obligatory resolution comparison chart

obligatory resolution comparison chart

Being the first daily 4K show on YouTube is awesome.  It’s like getting to say ‘first!’ in the comments of your favorite band’s new music video for all to see. Joking aside, it means we get to bring you better than broadcast quality YouTube content everyday.  And with VP9 encoding, you can stream four times better than broadcast HD straight to your laptop.  The picture really pops!

Creatively, it means we can invite you into our studio to hang out with us and all of our great YouTuber guests in amazing detail.  Grace in 4K.  Mystery Guitar Man in UltraHD. Strawburry17 in 2160p!  Get to know all the YouTubers you know and love like you’ve never seen them before 🙂

And it goes without saying it takes some super smart technology companies to make this happen.  YouTube’s platform enables bigger, better, faster and smoother playback of your favorite shows.  We use Red Scarlet cameras to capture the 4K picture, Adobe Creative Cloud to cut, composite and color grade the final show and Silverdraft Demon servers to encode our final 4K file for uploading to YouTube.

Alas, I’ve digressed; you knew I couldn’t contain my post nerdery forever 🙂  Anyone interested in diving deeper into the 4K production culture, check out the links below.

proactively • 4K is more K • peter


What is 4K really?

If I wanted to shoot 4K…

So I shot all this 4K, how can I make stuff with it?

Jeez, this 4K is awesome!  What 4K videos can I watch on YouTube?

And many more to come every day…



blog bomb – ted with red scarlet at ces

So you’ve got a movie-making machine that’s really shooting RAW.

scarlet prototype

working red bomb evf viewfinder

Click on either of the above picks to go to the Engadget video interview (if you haven’t drooled over it already). I dig Ted’s argument that the DSLR video cameras are essentially shooting high quality web video (h.264) but that his Scarlet camera is shooting the digital equivalent of film with its proprietary REDCODE RAW format.  From Wikipedia, Redcode RAW is a variable bit rate wavelet codec which allows raw sensor data at resolutions of up to 4096 x 2304 to be compressed sufficiently for practical on-camera recording.

A full shooting package [with a 2.8 inch lcd] for $4750” should put Mr. Schilowitz and company in prime position to sell a lot of these babies.

proactively • punned, err stunned, err… • peter

Disclosure, to comply with the FTC’s new rules

None of the manufacturers listed above are paying Peter Salvia to write this article and, so far, none have sent him any samples or demonstration items.  And he sure as hell wouldn’t turn them down if they wanted to send him a Scarlet to play with.


blog bomb – red scarlet drops

Here’s the new Scarlet 8x alongside a Nikon D3 for comparisonality.  Listing for $4750 for the 8x Fixed, prices and details are:

All pics link to the November 30th announcement on  Nice of Mr. Jannard to make all these blog friendly pics available 🙂  Here’s the interchangeable version for people with money…

So much for 3K for $3K, but I’m not complaining.

proactively • scheduling a budgeting meeting • peter




5d mark ii – digital camera raw compatibility update

Happy New Year!  Think the Canon 5D Mark II isn’t top of mind over at Apple?


Think again.  Topping the list of the new RAW compatibility update, the 5D Mark II is poised to start the new year off right… with a DSLR filmmaking revolution!  And check out this new camera shootout from Zacuto, first seen (by me at least) over at the DCFCPUG website.

And if your mind is made up and you’re ready to pony up the bills for a 5dmarkii, check out the other DSLR cinematography stuff you might want to include in that order.


And enjoy this here ye olde video:

proactively • wondering what this new year will bring • peter


RED Scarlet Pricing

Terence Curren posts to the FCP-L:

Imaging a 3K camera…
Okay, that’s 3K imaging…. oh yeah, and 3K is the price also!
That is with lens, but not a viewer or handles. My guess is it will be
closer to 5K as you would actually use it. Wonder what they are saying in Japan
right now…
They also mentioned native support for Red files in Color is on it’s way.
Terence Curren
Alpha Dogs, Inc.
Burbank, CA

Scarlet will be my next camera. That is a revolutionary price point. My brain is numb.

proactively • peter

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