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5dmarkii naked running & gunning

And by naked I mean shooting with absolutely no accessories and natural lighting.  No shoulder mount.  No external monitor.  No boom mic.  Just the camera, two L series lenses, and all the light that our apartment provided.

And my takeaway is that shooting naked with the 5d is no small undertaking.  At f/2.8 my focus was difficult.  Not impossible, difficult.  I really wish the LCD would flip out so I could look at it while holding the camera lower or higher than my face.  Since focus is so critical a lot of times I was guessing, saying to myself well, I hope that’s in focus because in this low light it’s kind of hard to tell what I’m seeing on the LCD.

Positively, I am BLOWN AWAY at the low light performance of this camera.  I found my sweet spot to be ISO 1250.  Barely any noise that I could tell.  And if my memory serves I shot all of this with the standard picture style settings.  Philip Bloom was nice enough to share his Picture Style setup with me:

Philip Bloom's 5dmarkii Picture Style

Hand holding with the 24-70 was the most difficult.  A very heavy lens.  My approach was a firm right hand grip around the camera with my left hand supporting the lens and pulling focus as needed, but the weight of the 24-70 made it difficult to keep a steady picture while zooming and pulling focus.  The 16-35 was much lighter and better balanced.  I’d dial in f-stop manually with my right thumb when panning from people to the fish tank interior.  None of those shots in the above video, so I’ll show some examples of how that looks after I’ve put together kirquariums episode 1.  Hopefully over the weekend.  We’ll see.

On a side note, I think I ran into Wes (featured in the above video) outside my place of work the other day.  He had the SmallHD DP1x hooked up to his 7D via HDMI on Cinevate rails and it looked awesome!

Even more impressive was the Sunhood.  In glaring, oppressively hot and bright DC weather the screen was perfectly visible.  Awesome!  Hey B&H, would you be able to start selling these?  Would love to be able to finance it 🙂

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