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Matrox MXO-K…

Gulio at Matrox offered great over the phone tech support. He immediately filled out an RMA to replace my faulty MXO. No redundant troubleshooting necessary, he said, I trust you went through the steps I outlined in my forum post and that’s good enough for me.

This is customer service the way it’s supposed to be. Better than it’s supposed to be, actually. I’ll update as soon as I receive the replacement MXO, sometime next week I suspect.

In related news, the OptShiftK team came over tonight doing a test calibration of my Dell 2407WFP with both the Spyder 2 Pro and Spyder 3 Pro. Look to the new brain trust blog for full calibration details (coming soon).


G5 Gee-Whiz

So I tried to install Leopard this evening and my dual 2.7 GHz Powermac G5 won’t successfully restart with the install dvd in the tray.  Argh.  This is a repeat performance of restart issues I experienced a few months back.  Hopefully a return to the Apple Store in Bethesda will result in a new logic board or power supply or whatever hardware issue is causing this problem.

And I really wanted to get Leopard installed to 10.5.2 so I could then install the Matrox MXO 2.1.1 drivers so I could then install the software for the shiny new Spyder 3 Pro I just got a Micro Center
in Rockville.  I opted for the Spyder 3 Pro over the Spyder 3 Elite to save a hundred bucks.  Does anyone out there think the Elite is worth another 33% in price??

The G5 goes in for an appointment Wednesday eveining and I anticipate it will be down for at least a week while the parts are ordered and further tests are run.  I just want it to work.  Once it’s in the shop I’ll get the Spyder LUTs installed on the 17″ Macbook Pro feeding the new Dell 2408WFP over DVI or the Dell 2407WFP over VGA.

Hrmmm, the Matrox forums will be seeing me soon I imagine.

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