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aputure gigtube = viable for 5d mark ii?

As I’ve known for some time, outfitting your 5d mark ii with enough accessories to make it a solidly functioning film camera can be… expensive.  That’s what’s so intriguing to me about the Aputure Gigtube Digital Viewfinder.  Remember, I’m an editor with some shooting experience looking to branch out, so I’m not approaching kitting out my 5d like a full-time DP might.  My interest is to outfit my 5d as a viable run-and-gun documentary film camera with incredible DOF to make my work have sweet bokeh and stand apart from stuff I would otherwise shoot on an HV30, HVX-200 or what have you.  The number one thing I’ve been missing so far is an adjustable LCD screen so that I can move the camera low or high and still be able to see the framing.

And while I’ve read that monitors like the

Ikan V-8000HDMI 8" LCD Monitor

and the

Marshall V-LCD70XP-HDMI 7" LCD Field Monitor

are great to work with.  However, they are

a) really big so not suited for somewhat low key run and gun work

b) like 4 times as expensive as the Gigtube

c) definitely going to require an additional investment in some kind of shoulder mount or rails system, which I’m trying to avoid spending money on while I get to know my camera.

Alternatively, I’ve been considering the

Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5x

but it doesn’t solve the issue of holding the camera low or high and still being able to see the LCD.

a must see for anyone considering a DSLR for filmmaking

Quick shout out to the Zacuto team, if you haven’t seen their web videos ‘The Great Camera Shoutout 2010,’ do so as soon as possible.  Making the point that todays DSLR’s have as much or more light sensitivity than the cameras Kubrick used in Barry Lyndon is one of the more genius observations I’ve heard in awhile.  And one of the main reasons I decided to take the plunge.

I’m seriously looking at the

Fast Draw #Z-DFD

or one of their other shoulder mount systems. But again, pricey.

Anywho, back to the topic of this post, here’s one of the few informative threads I’ve found about the Gigtube.  Anyone out there have experience with one of these?

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