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travel channel – ultimate spring break

Sorry for the hiatus, good lord what a production schedule I’ve been on. Just took the past 4 days to recuperate.


Click on the above pick for a quick preview. It debuted Thursday April 2nd @ 11pm est. Yours truly was credited as Finishing Editor & Colorist. I’ll post if it is scheduled to re-air.

During the recuperation – o – rama, cut a pilot blog for my favorite local comic book shop Third Eye Comics.

Will be getting back to regular posting here so thanks for hanging in there. I’ll most likely be going to NAB and blogging from the show floor so stay tuned for lotsa fun stuff.

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travel channel – america’s scariest halloween attractions 3

Membership has its benefits, so here’s a few screen grabs of Travel Channel’s upcoming America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions 3.  Premiere will be this Sunday, October 26th, at 11pm following Ghost Adventures.

Had a lot of fun editing and grading this show.  A whole lot of around the clock work.  We averaged 125 shots or more per 4 minutes, which trumps the hell out of the 600 shots per 44min show average I read somewhere.  Here’s the final time line before going to tape.  Mind you, this is after conforming for the grade in Color, QC’ing flattened titles and what not, and syncing audio stems:

00:44:45;00 to the frame per Travel Channel clock.  Ow, my brain…

And just because I love you guys, here’s a sample screen shot from the color grade.  First pic is 30″ left hand Apple Cinema Display, second pic is right hand 23″ Apple Cinema Display:

Oh yeah, and here’s the two main errors I experienced during post:

Not too bad, but I recommend the hell out of getting 8GB of RAM for posting any 1×60 HD program.  Got this show printed to tape by the skin of our teeth after crashing 4 minutes in on the first try.  Seriously, yes, 4GB of 667Mhz RAM is worth the extra 1200 bucks.


Epic shout outs:

Susan Norton – Executive Producer

Thomas Quinn – Supervising Producer

Arthur Hsu – Associate Producer

James Morley – Editor & Segment Producer

Ashley Kalena – Production Assistant

Joel Reyes – Engineering Support

Archie Bustamante – IT support

Mom & Dad – Love & Support


So, tomorrow is the move to the new apartment 4 miles away.  Saturday the new leather sofa arrives.  Sunday, resorting it up at the Travel Channel offsite.  I’ll have a beer and a shot in my hand 11pm Sunday night for the premiere, hope you enjoy it!

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Travel Channel on Vimeo

Shameless, self-promotional pandering incoming…

We’ve recently launched the new Vimeo channel TravelChannelHD. Here you can find Travel Channel clips streamed in 720p high definition. While you can embed the SD stream on your blog…

…you need to visit Vimeo’s site for the HD stream. Hopefully sometime soon Vimeo will enable HD embeds. When that day comes I think Vimeo’s user base will expand exponentially.

In addition to posting 720p broadcast shows, we will also be showcasing shows produced by our pool of up and coming travel journalists.

Most of our Travel Journalists have graduated from the Travel Channel Academy. The Travel Channel Academy is an intensive four day film making course that, well, check this out:

So check in on TravelChannelHD from time to time as we’ll be showcasing new shows and new talent.

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