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how to – make an HDR timelapse

While I’ve been on the subject of tutorials, here’s one that I’ve found that is, to coin a phrase, picture perfect:

How to make an HDR timelapse

I found Chad Richard on Vimeo while researching the Canon 5dmarkii and HDR imagery.  Chad shot the above HDR timelapse with the Nikon D700 (if you want to check that camera out, too).

Wow, Chad’s a great find.  Here’s one reason:

Thanks for stopping by Chad, and thanks for publishing your process to create HDR timelapses.

You’ve inspired my imagination.  And I have a new reason to break out my trusty old Nikon 5700 Coolpix (RAW images & Auto Exposure Bracketing 3 or 5 frames within +2 EV, yay!).

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ken stone matrox mxo setup guide

Here’s my blog plagiarism post of the week. From Little Frog in High Def:

Ken Stone wrote a VERY in depth article on the Matrox MXO over at He goes into how to set the device up when you pull it out of the box, and into all of the various settings in the MXO System preference.

You may have read one of my other posts about my initial difficulties with my MXO. Well fear not dear reader, because Ken’s walkthru is ridiculously awesome and thorough. It even has pictures of the install screen!

Skipping ahead to the end, Ken notes three essential ingredients to make your MXO work correctly:

1 – The sequence settings must match the clip settings.

2 – In the FCP View menu > Video Playback must match the sequence settings.

3 – In the FCP View menu > Audio Playback > MXO Audio

Where have you been all my life Ken Stone Matrox MXO Setup Guide? This should be required reading for anyone even remotely considering purchasing an MXO. And it should be on a dvd in the box. Or at least on a piece of glossy paper.

Ken Stone, you are a godsend. Thank you!

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MPEG Streamclip for the Ladies

Apparently my blog is looked down upon in some circles as geeky and nerderific. So this post is for all you ladies out there, hope you can handle the awesomeness of this post. But you probably can’t.

So, you want to make that sexy Quicktime for uploading to your lovely lady media library for Mr. Big? Peter Suave is here to help.

First up, go and download MPEG Streamclip. This guy is really good with his hands, you’re going to love him.

Next, turn him on and have him show you his video du jour. Maybe it will look something like this:

So now what? I don’t know, you say? Bollocks.

First, note that your video du jour is anamorphic (that’s nerd for sexy). Next, saunter over to File > Export to Quicktime.

Up pops this wardrobe of chic options. Accessorize to match:

Stunning, if I do say so myself. All that’s left is to walk those french-manicured fingers over to Make Movie. Give it a name and, after a little blood sweat and tears, you’ve made a quicktime ready to upload.

Was it good for you?

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Mark Spencer Motion Mania

Ok, if you haven’t already checked out Mark’s awesome website, why not check out this Vimeo embed of his new Motion 3 Ken Burns tutorial:

If you think this rocks, and you want to get your Motion 3 learn on for real, you have to check out Mark’s Motion 3 tutorial series from Ripple Training.

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De-Noise Article at Toolfarm

Michele Yamazaki of Toolfarm fame has written a really nice article detailing a few techniques to remove noise from your video.  From her article:

Noise can come from bad lighting, JPEG and other compression induced artifacting, film grain, and half-tone patterns. In DV footage, blue will almost always be the noisiest channel and green is the cleanest channel.

There’s some good Shake and FCP techniques so make sure you click through to the article.  Thanks for the post Michele.  And, you can subscribe to the Toolfarm newsletter here.

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NAB Hangover

Anyone else out there feeling the effects? Shout out to Philip Bloom for posting this picture-perfect NAB 2008 montage. ‘Deer Vegas’ tastes like a 7-11 fresh Vitamin Water Essential the morning after…

And for anyone who missed it on the NAB Show blog, here’s Philip talking about the upgrade to the Sony PMW-EX1 camera he shot ‘Deer Vegas’ with, the Sony PMW-EX3:

And then, here’s a link to Philip’s short ‘3 Days in April’ shot with the PMW-EX3. All in one place for your comparing and contrasting pleasure:

Mr. Bloom, you sir are a goldmine. Thank you.

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Matrox MXO-No! *UPDATE*

Had a great telephone convo with Gulio from Matrox. He offers up some troubleshooting advice for my issue:

Dear psalvia,

As per our phone conversation;

1 ) Using the Uninstaller Utility- Uninstall the MXO software which was previously installed.
2 ) Shut down computer.
3 ) Unplug MXO’s AC Power and USB cable.
4 ) Power On computer.
5 ) Run Apple’s updater, Leopard Graphic Update and update Quicktime to version 7.4.5.
6 ) Shut down computer.
7 ) Power On computer.
8 ) After system has booted; power up and plug in MXO’s USB cable.
9 ) Download and install MXO 2.1.2 Drivers
10 ) When Updater asks to ‘Force Firmware Upgrade’, please proceed with it.
11 ) If it installs correctly- verify by going into MXO Control Panel and investigate MXO readings.

If you are still experiencing difficulties with your MXO, please feel free to contact us here at [number removed].

Keep me posted…

Kindest Regards,

Thanks again for the tech support Gulio. My fingers are crossed that this works when I get home. But first, taking the G5 into the emergency room…


FCP Easy Setup for Tiffany

Here you go girl:


YouTube HQ Video Comparison

Just stumbled across Editing Organazized and found this enlightening post:

To make YouTube content work on non Flash-based devices (AppleTV, iPhone), recent videos are available in higher-quality, non Flash versions.

To view higher quality MP4 (H.264) versions of videos, add ‘&fmt=18′ to the end of the address.

So here’s a comparison test embed of Jose Gonzalez posted with the Compressor 3 iPhone setting:


with the additional code &fmt=18


Jon Salvia ……………….. Camera Producer

Salvatore Salvia ……….. Camera

Peter Salvia ……………… Cuts Color Compression

Quoting Rory’s immediate, professional, knee jerk opinion:

Hey, I think the top one looks better. No wait, yeah, I can see the difference. But not much.

Thanks for the blog cameo Mr. Sheridan. And thanks Editing Organazized for the awesome and informative post.

proactively • peter

08 | Liars: House Clouds | Embed Walkthru

Second attempt to embed video from This one comes with an embed code from pitchfork’s website.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Liars: Plaster Casts of Everything

Thanks Vodpod for the assist with getting the embed to work. Very cool widget now that I’ve figured out how it works.

Here’s an abbreviated walkthru for embedding a video on

1. Download and install the vodpod widget.

2. Customize your firefox toolbar to include the vodpod widget.

3. Navigate to in a seperate tab.

4. Click on the (Click if you’re having trouble) link in the vodpod widget.

5. Paste the embed code into the window.

6. Enter in some bloggery and then Publish!

7. Don’t get too frustrated that the embedded video won’t go full screen, coming to the realization that you have to also include the url to the embedded video on so people can actually see the video full screen. Really, just focus on not letting this irritate the hell out of you and make you start questioning the motives behind limited embedding. Maybe it’s not as magnanimous as it appears. I recommend breathing in through the nose and then kicking the person next to you in the shin.

proactively • wearing shin guards to work tomorrow • peter

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