3 Responses to “Color Grading”

  1. 1 Hi we need hepl
    December 19, 2008 at 9:23 am

    Hi, thx for your lesson’s at http://www.Vimeo it was very helpfull.We need more help about color. Here’s our problem
    We send a project from final cut to color. Then we make the color corrections after that use key frames to change geometry of some shots. But when we render it geometry didn’t change in Color. Strange because in color’s timeline it’s ok we see the change but not in the render. Probably we make somewhere a mistake. First we use tracker in the pan & scan at 0 position.We render it and send it to final cut – there was no effect. After that we try and change it at -1 position. Still no effect on the shot.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. 2 psalvia
    December 21, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    Good question, but I’m not totally clear what you’re asking. Are you intending to apply pan & scan settings using a tracker to a 16×9 sequence? And then once you’ve rendered your applied settings and sending back to FCP there is no effect? To specify, and quoting directly from the Color manual:

    “…whether or not Color processes Pan & Scan adjustments when you render each shot from the Render Que depends on how your Project was imported… all the geometric transformations that are applied to your shots in Color are translated back into their equivalent FCP settings…”

    Double check your FCP sequence settings before sending to Color and confirm this is your desired setting. Also, double check your OS version and your Color version. I just successfully roundtripped geometry settings to HDV footage in an Apple ProRes NTSC HQ sequence. I’m running slightly older OS X.5.2 and Color 1.0.2. Not the most stable combination but it’s where I left off using my Matrox MXO to color grade an HDV show a few months back.

    And maybe most importantly, definitely cross-post your question to an active forum like the Creative Cow:


    Or the Apple Color support forum:


    I’m not always quick on the draw to answering this stuff but will help as my free time permits. Good luck!

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