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Compressor Blu-Ray Settings

Found this nugget of awesomeness over at Roxio’s support forum:

Apple Compressor

File Extension: m2v
Video Encoder
Format: M2V
Width: 1920
Height: 1080
Pixel aspect ratio: square
Crop: None
Frame rate: 29.97
Frame Controls:
Retiming: Nearest Frame
Resize Filter: Linear Filter
Deinterlace Filter: Line Averaging
Adaptive Details: On
Antialias: 0
Detail Level: 0
Field Output: Same as Source
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Field dominance: Top first
Average data rate: 21.1 (Mbps)
1 Pass VBR enabled
Maximum data rate: 25 (Mbps)
High quality
Best motion estimation
Closed GOP Size: 15, Structure: IBBP

<<Note from TominIowa>>

For Final Cut and Compressor users, please make sure to,

In Final Cut changed the
“Sequence Setting”,
“Starting TimeCode”

to 00:00:00;00 instead of the default value of 01:00:00;00.

If you don’t, chapter markers may not work.

Good to have some documentation, but don’t have the hardware to try it out yet.

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Banned in D.C.

My friend and co-worker Rory Sheridan has received a stunning review of his latest film starring prolific pro-skateboarder and man-about-town Bobby Worrest.

Click through here to see the video. Apparently, it required an entire city to do the color grade.

And, if you enjoyed this video, check out more of Rory’s work.

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Tripod Dolly & Crane Technique

Here’s my blog plagiarism of the month. Ok, of the week. Are there any original ideas anymore?

Saw this over at ProLost and copied and pasted like a good blog sifter:

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

Thanks VodPod!

Pretty awesome and worth making viral.

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De-Noise Article at Toolfarm

Michele Yamazaki of Toolfarm fame has written a really nice article detailing a few techniques to remove noise from your video.  From her article:

Noise can come from bad lighting, JPEG and other compression induced artifacting, film grain, and half-tone patterns. In DV footage, blue will almost always be the noisiest channel and green is the cleanest channel.

There’s some good Shake and FCP techniques so make sure you click through to the article.  Thanks for the post Michele.  And, you can subscribe to the Toolfarm newsletter here.

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GTA IV Freezing on PS3

Ok, a bit outside my normal scope but this is really frustrating.

Experiencing freezing while playing Grand Theft Auto IV on my PS3 80GB during cut scenes. The animation freezes and the audio continues. Especially frustrating because this is happening before the end of a mission when you would save your progress. Argh.

According to, workarounds include

  • Set the video settings to 720
  • Update the system to the latest firmware
  • Turn off the auto save function and the controller vibration setting also reports that Rockstar games is working on a fix but there is no ETA.

Additionally, GetBent57 links to a 12-step approach posted on Take-Two appears to be stuck between a rock hard bug and Iron Man this weekend.

I’ll post with an update. Hopefully this works because freezing makes the game unplayable.

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